Wednesday, November 30, 2011

school mornings

Please excuse this post.
This is one of those posts I write for me.
So when I look back, I can remember what our mornings were like.
You probably won't find this to be one of my top 5.

Also, please excuse my camera.
She's dying I think.
Poor old girl.
Hasn't been the same since Mexico.
The heat and humidity got to her.

Our mornings.
I wake up about 7:20 and go downstairs and make her breakfast.
Today was vitamins, sausage, grapes, milk and oatmeal.
Always oatmeal.
Then I go upstairs and wake her up and carry her to our room.
This is about the only time I carry her these days.
Wish I could do it more.
But girlfriend is getting HEAVY!
 Then she gets all cozy in our bed and tries to wake up while she has her breakfast.
Yes. Breakfast in our bed.
On Chris' side.
He loathes the crumbs.
I tried making her eat at the table at the beginning of the year.
It didn't work.
This does.
Don't judge.
Here she is trying to wake up.
 Getting closer...
 And we finally take a bite.
 While she eats, I head down and make her lunch and pack her snack.
Today, cucumbers, string cheese, grapes, a tortilla, and trader joes chocolate star cookies.
With water to drink.
Ritz crackers for snack.
 And I start my coffee.
 Then I go back upstairs and prod her along.
She can be sluggish, this one.
Notice the mighty hunter, eyeing the sausage.
 He's creeping closer.
This particular morning, he snagged it.
I am usually quicker than he is.
But not this morning.
Little bugger.
He was pleased as punch with himself.
 Here we are all dressed.
(My poor camera.  This is a hideous shot.  The worst one yet.)
 And brush teeth.
 And then comes the absoulute worst part of my day.
Her hair.
She is tender headed like her mama.
It's not fun for either of us.
 After all that horrible hair brushing is done, we head down for shoes and coat.
This is the second worst part of my day.
She has a thing with socks.
They feel "wonky" to her.
Some days, it can take us 5 minutes to make them feel right.
We turn them wrong side out, we turn them right side in, we change feet, we change socks.
Today, they went right on.
Bless the sweet Lord.
 And of course, as soon as she got outside, she took a little detour before getting in the car.
I remember that first snow of the year.
Then I come home,
make my breakfast,
and get whatever needs done, done.
On today's agenda,
get the roast started,
wrap some presents,
finish Christmas cards,
(No newsletter this year.  I am sad.  No ink at Chris' office and they cost .49 a piece at copy stores. No thank you.)
figure out why the top of our Christmas tree isn't working,
meet a friend for coffee,
and read my book.
It's a rough life I lead.


C. Beth said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome way to start the day.

And wow, I'm impressed at the breakfast she eats! Chickie just isn't a big breakfast eater. Frustrating! She'll eat something but usually leaves half of it sitting there.

Marissa said...

That oatmeal looks delish. My kid loves oatmeal! What type do you use?

Karen said...

Oh thank GOD! I thought we were the only ones suffering through the sock drama. Every single friggin' morning. Lately it's been a tid bit better, but not long ago we went through 2 or 3 straight weeks where there was literally no sock that didn't seem to burn holes in her feet. Everyday I was putting her on the bus in tears over those darn socks. Ahhh...the drama of 5 year olds!