Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am happy.

I just got to spend 3 uninterrupted days with my best friend.

We golfed. Twice.

Where, I might add, I caught remnants of my former golfer girl. She's in there, begging to come out. If I could just find time to play, I might be good again.

We gambled. My poor husband took a beating at blackjack. I redeemed us a little with my roulette winnings. We walked away losers, but we had fun!

We ate. A lot.

We saw movies.

We caught up with each other.

We realized we still like each other. A lot.

We didn't go anywhere special. Just around town.

We had a wonderful time.

Another big thank you to the Palladinos for showing Ellie such a good time. After hearing all the fun she was having, I was pretty certain she was going to cry when we came to pick her up. Luckily, she didn't. But I think that's cause she was just too tired. Paige promises to send pics so then I will blog what Ellie did while we were gone.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

lazy saturday

We have been nutso busy lately. It's been great, but I could tell we both needed a day to just be.

So we had a terribly lazy Saturday. I didn't even get out of my pajamas. It was great!

The day started with a little Froot Loops, cause sometimes a mom just needs Froot Loops. Ellie of course had oatmeal like she does everysingledayofherlife.

Then we braved the 4000 degrees outside very briefly to water our plants and pick our bounty.

Then we baked some cookies.

And I spent a good portion of the day reading. I have been reading this series forever and LOVE it. I savor them. There is only one more after this one and I am so sad.

And we played babies...

paddle balled...

and just seriously relaxed.

That evening after Ellie was asleep, we started watching Band of Brothers. Chris has been trying to get me to watch it for years and it has just never worked out. It is SO GOOD! So we watched 3 parts of it and then went to bed.

Another perfect day.

And later today, Paige and Ken and Nick and Izzy are taking Ellie for a few days and Chris and I are having a staycation! I am beyond excited! A little golf. A little gambling. A lot of good food. Some sleeping in (wink wink). And a movie or two.

Yea for us!

And God Bless Paige and Ken and Nick and Izzy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

class act

On Saturday, Chris and I met our good friends for dinner over near their house. I think I have mentioned Chagrin Falls on my blog several times, so you know how much I love it over there. We took Ellie there, where they had a sitter watch her and their 2 girls. One of which is the "other Ellie" and Ellie's best girlfriend.

What a great night! We started out with a little wine on their patio then headed to the restaurant,

which happened to be right on the falls. So pretty.

Then things took a turn for the worse and I had 2 of these.

Now I had not planned on getting bat shit drunk. Nope. Not even on my radar. I mean, these were classy people we were hanging out with. And we were having dinner and then picking up Ellie and going home for heavens's sake.

But I did.

Oh man.

I did.

I hope I didn't embarrass myself. I don't think I did, tried to appear normal, but you know how you are when you have imbibed a little too much.

Yeah. Real Class Act.

It was so bad in fact, that when we got home, I headed right to bed, and Chris handled Ellie's bedtime routine.

I got up 30 minutes later and threw up.

Good news is, I was instantly sober and felt much better and went right to sleep.

Woke up the next morning perfectly fine.

I don't know what happened!?!

Maybe mixing a little wine and a little champagne is not good for me?

Maybe the 6.5 miles I had run that morning dehydrated me enough to make me more susceptable (even though I felt hydrated and had drunk tons of water all day?)

Maybe I just had too much?

I don't know. But it wasn't pretty. Wasn't pretty at all.

By the way, Chris was totally sober so no 4 year olds or innocent vehicles were harmed or in harm at any time :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

another list

Chris, thankfully, doesn't need to travel a lot for his job, but he is gone for maybe 3 weeks during the year. In days past, I hated when he was gone. When Ellie was a baby, I doubly hated when he was gone. It was hard work. Plus I was terribly jealous of all the fun he was having (like San Diego pool party fun) while I was stuck home with little tiny drool monster who woke up 3 times a night.

These days, however, I have come to appreciate his absences. I miss him, of course, but there are some distinct advantages to not having him around for a week.

Advantages such as:

-being able to sleep in the middle of the bed using all 4 pillows and not having to have the blasted fan on.

-way less laundry. I have done 1 load this week intead of 3.

-cereal for dinner.

-no stinky basketball clothes to wash.

-no schedule, whatsoever.

-buying cookies and knowing they will be there in the morning.

-being able to sit on the good end of the couch.

Despite all these perfectly wonderful things, I really do miss him and much prefer him home. I sleep a lot better when he is here, I don't have to play horsey with Ellie, he rubs my feet every night, and cereal for dinner gets old, real quick.

Hurry home baby!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


When I was a little girl, my dad started taking me to the race track with him to bet on the ponies. I absolutely loved it. I can remember walking up to the bet taker saying:

"two dollar trifecta box on 3, 6,& 9", before I was 9.

Obviously, Dad had to fork over the cash to place the actual bet but I remember feeling very important. This was back in the day when the place was filled with old crumudgens smoking their ciggies and cigars and drinking beer by the gallon. It is still filled with the old crumudgens, but the no smoking law is a godsend!

One thing we both really wanted to do was take Ellie to the track, and I wanted her first visit to be with Grandpa. This week that happened. I got a little teary at the importance of it all. Needless to say, Ellie is just like her mama and loves it as much as I do. Here they are walking up to the track.

I would read through the names of the horses each race and Ellie would pick who she wanted to bet. This is the first horse she bet on. She always like the horses with absoutely no chance of winning. Of course.

Here they are getting ready to watch her first face...

and this is her first ever ticket.

In the 6th race, she picked a winner. Bakers Eye Candy blew the field away. Grandpa and Ellie shared a high five on that one. She was so excited. She won a whopping $3.20 on a $2 bet.

The neatest thing however was when we were over at the side watching all the goings on, and I was explaining what was happening, a jockey walked up and handed her his old, stinky, dusty, real live jockey goggles. I thought she was going to die and go to heaven.

And then we got to talking to a guy there who happened to own a few of the horses running that day (which we had very fortunately been yelling for) and we got to go back to the barns to see the thoroughbreds. I about died and went to heaven. Seriously. The horse they put her on, however, about gave me a heart attack. He was a bohemoth. Name: Winston.

Then we watched them load the gate...

and take a pic to commemorate the day.

So glad we did that. It was such a fun day.
Money lost: $20
Memories made: abundant
We will definitely be going back.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

a summer day

The other day found us with nothing to do. So we just hung out. I hardly ever just sit and listen to ellie, I am always trying to get the dishes done or the weeding or the car cleaned out, etc...

Plus, the girl talks nonstop. Like, uses up her word quota by 9am nonstop. People say she gets that from me. Hm.

This day, I just sat and listened. And I remembered how funny she is. I caught up on all her imaginary friends. She has about 32. The main ones are Baby Jaguar, Dolphin, Unicorn, and Lamby. I am not a fan of Lamby. She is bossy and sometimes mean.

As I was listening to the soap opera that is Ellie's imaginary friends, I was enjoying a vintage cola. Delicious.

And of course I watched her death defying feats on the slide, 246 times.

Then I mentioned that my tomatoes might need watered,

and she got the hint and got right on it.

Then I had a little water spa treatment.

Then she was all tuckered out so she took a little rest for a minute. She said Lamby wouldn't let her in the pool. It was just for imaginary friends for awhile. See, Lamby is bossy!

We were gonna grill for dinner, but it is still bloody freaking hot here, so we opted for Steak and Shake instead. I love Steak and Shake. Coke Zero with a shot of Cherry is the best.

Then we hit up a farmers market...

and got the worlds best snickerdoodle.

These are the days I will remember. Just the every day, simple things. The days right now are so very perfect. She is healthy and imaginative and funny and stubborn and beautiful and wonderful.

Chris and I try and soak as much of her up as we can every day. It is going so very fast.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

take a hike!

Chris and Ellie and I went on a big hike yesterday. It was so nice. It was bloody freakin' hot out, but the woods were relatively cool and we just walked and walked and walked. All that walking made Ellie very hungry so we stopped and had a little snack.

Then we hiked and hiked some more and finally ended up in the river. She had a great time.

As a matter of fact, she had such a great time, Chris and I both joined her in the river. It was a good time indeed.

The neatest part of the whole day was the fact that we all found heart shaped rocks that now have a permanent place in our house. It was the funniest thing. I said I was going to look for one, Chris looked down and found one. I looked and looked and couldn't find one, told Ellie to help me look, she reached down and found one, looked and looked some more, and finally found one. Pretty cool.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

all by myself

Yes I am. And I have been since Friday morning. Chris and Ellie went to visit Nana in Indiana and I stayed here. Alone. All by myself.

I had grand plans to be all wild and crazy. My friends, however, did not cooperate (pesky holiday weekend), so I ended up spending a lot of quality time with yours truly.

I had forgotten how much I like myself.

I did go see Eclipse yesterday with Paige. And the dude that plays werewolf Jared just happened to come into the theatre to see me. How cool is that?

Chris and Ellie are on their way home now. And don't tell anyone, but I missed them a lot more than I thought I would.