Monday, August 31, 2009


Ellie much prefers girls to boys these days. Her little friend "other Ellie" is a current favorite. She still loves her little boy friends of course but after every play date with boys she says something like...

"they are so busy!" or
"they are rough!" or
"girls are quieter!"

It's so funny how without any prodding from me, she sees this all on her own. The difference between boys and girls at this age is staggering. Boys want to run and be rough and run and yell and run. Girls want to talk and play babies and pretend. It is neat to watch.

I tell my mom friends with boys that I may have it a little easier now but in about 8years they are going to have it WAY easier than me.

I wouldn't trade it for a second. I absoutely adore having a girl. All the emotion and pink and hair and everything else that goes along with it.

I can't wait until she can have little sleepovers and I can listen to her talk to her little girlfriends.

I can wait until she tells me she is going to a sleepover and ends up at a party instead. Ugh. As Jamie Lee Curtis says in Freaky Friday..."Make Smart Choices!"

Oh! and the absoutely adorable little girl in the picture is "other ellie's" little sister Sadie. Ellie kept wanting to hold her. Sadie was a trooper. One of these days, she is going to be tagging along begging to play with the big girls and Ellie will be the "cool best friend of her big sister"!

Fun times ahead indeed. Good thing I really like their parents. (wink to you Julie!)

Friday, August 28, 2009


I think us mommies have come a long way. We work, we clean, we carpool, we mother, we cook, we schedule playdates, etc...

I think daddies have come even further. Back in the day, daddies worked, came home, maybe played with the kids a little, then went back to work.

Nowadays, daddies do a lot more. At least our daddy does. He works, cleans, plays, disciplines, plays some more, rubs my back, kinda cooks (sorry honey, you aren't so good at it, but you do try), and gives me all the time I need to regroup. I have a feeling that my bloggy readers can totally relate.

So, in case I haven't told you lately babe, I really appreciate all the "daddying" you do.

Here are Daddy and Ellie through the years. The pictures got totally out of order, but I think you get the general idea...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

conversations in the car

I remember the days when I could get in my car, listen to what I wanted to (or nothing at all) and just drive. Those days are so far gone. Ellie talks a lot all the time, but it seems to be amplified in the car. The kid never shuts up and it is exhausting some days. I will admit, I have turned her tv (usually reserved for really long car trips) on just to get some peace and quiet.

I will also admit that she comes by it honestly. I am/was a talker. That, my friends, is called Karma.

Ellie: Mommy, what's that?
Me: What's what, honey?
Ellie: That.
Me: What? The orange thing? A pylon. It's used during construction.
Ellie: No.
Me: Then what?
Ellie: THAT!
Me: WHAT? The Police Car? The guy on a bike? What?
Ellie: NO! The blue thing.
Me: Where? I don't see a blue thing.
Ellie: Over there. By the reddish thing behind that car that is stopped.
Me: I'm sorry honey, I don't see it.
Ellie: Never mind. It's not important. Can I have a snack?

Ellie: Mommy, will you turn on my bible school songs I love my Bible school songs I really want to sing my bible school songs will you sing with me I WILL NOT BE AFRAID, WHEN TROUBLES OUT THERE, NIGHT AND DAY, THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE, I'M GONNA LET IT SHINE, LET IT SHINE, LET IT SHINE, LET IT SHINE! OH! There's where I'll be going to preschool. I LOVE school, I can't wait to go to school. You aren't coming right mommy? It is just for big kids. No mommies right? Can I get a cookie at the grocery mommy. Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? MOMMY?!?
Me: Yes honey, you can get a cookie.
Ellie: Ok. I want an m&m cookie. Do you think they will have an m&m cookie? Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? MOMMY?!?
Me: I don't know honey, we will have to see.
Ellie: Oh, ok. I hope they do. I love m&m cookies best but I will take a chocolate chip if that is all they have. Or oatmeal. But no nuts, ok mommy. I don't like nuts. Will you make sure it doesn't have nuts. I really don't like nuts in my cookeis. Can we go to the zoo later? It's my favorite place. Mommy? Mommy? MOMMY?!?
Me: I don't think we will have time to go to the zoo today honey. We have to go the library, and the grocery, and the drugstore. Maybe tomorrow.
Ellie: Ok. Maybe tomorrow. We have to be quiet in the library right mommy. Right mommy?
Me: Right.
Ellie: Cause people are reading and working and visiting and reading and playing with toys. Right mommy? And after you get your book, I can play for a little bit. Right? I think I will play with the puzzles. I hope no one is doing the dinosaur puzzles. They're my favorites. Do you think someone already has the dinosaur puzzles?
Me: Oh maybe, but you can share the puzzles.
Ellie: Ok. I'll share the puzzles, but some kids aren't good at sharing like I am. I share good don't I mommy.
Me: Yes baby, you share very well.
Ellie: Mommy?
Me: Yes honey?
Ellie: I love you.

Ellie: Oh no! I dropped my ball!
Me: I can't get it now honey, I will get it when we get home.
Ellie: Please can you get it now, I really need it now. I need it right now!
Me: Sorry man, I can't reach it and am going 70 mph down the freeway.
Ellie: Is that fast?
Me: Yes very fast.
Ellie: Well slow down and then you can get it.
Me: I can't slow down. This road is for going fast.
Ellie: But I really, really need it mom.
Me: You are just going to have to wait. Period. Stop asking me please.
Ellie: But...
Me: I mean it Ellie. I can't get it now. I will get it as soon as I can.
Ellie: FINE! Can I have a snack while I wait?

I could go on and on and on and on, but I think you get the general idea. This is all after she HAS to get in the car seat by herself which takes FOREVER. Wanna come with us on our next road trip? Yeah, didn't think so.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Our kid slept til 11 am on Sunday. Yes, you heard right. 11 am! SAWEET! There had been a few late nights, a few missed naps, some grouchiness. It was much needed for us all. We when finally woke her up (yes, we had to wake her up) we went and had some brunch (which she scarf dogged cause she was so hungry) then went exploring. We found horses and a secret cave. A good day indeed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

fun night

Do you have a friend that knows of all the cool happenings around town? We do (yes Megan, that would be YOU!) and thank goodness for her or we would be totally in the dark about the neat things our city has to offer. Apparently every Wednesday in the summer there are free concerts at Wade Oval so last night we went. It was awesome! Ellie got to run free, we got to eat good food and drink good wine and have good conversations with friends. What could be better?

Jackson Rohm was there this time and he is great. He basically sings anything you want him to. We are trying to figure out a way to take him on our next vacation. He is perfect background music.

We have also entered the age where Ellie meets random kids, starts playing with them, and then the parents are forced to interact. She met a sweet little 4 year old last night and luckily, her parents were very cool so we also spent a lot of time talking to the other parents while our girls played.

And there was the cutest little white furball puppy there that Ellie fell in love with (and mommy too). Maybe someday...

Big Dinosaur.

What's an outdoor event without a balloon?

Some cuddling. These two are thick as thieves.

We would have Ellie run to a tree and back to keep her busy...that's ok, right?

The grass fairy came. Chris was not happy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

here's what I am thinking about these days...

This picture Ellie took of her own feet is hilarious.

I might be crazy, cause I just buried a statue of St. Joseph in my front yard trying to sell my house. It is supposed to really work. We shall see. I also am supposed to pray to him 9 mornings in a row. Sounds kind of witch craftery doesn't it.

m&m's and golf on tv and my girl go great together.

I am glad it is finally starting to feel like freaking summer around here.

I miss my mom.

This is my new favorite spot in the house.

I am so excited for Ellie to start preschool. She is gonna love it. I am gonna love it. It is a win-win!

I will never have to go on another camel ride, cause she is big enough to go alone!

Coffee is the greatest invention, ever.

Even though I don't work, Mondays still suck.

This mask make her look mysterious!

Ellie's outfit she picked out today is very colorful, and interesting.

Ellie and books are two of my very favorite things.

Friday, August 14, 2009

winner winner....

Ok, so this morning I used the random number generator thingy online, got a winner and then tried for 30 minutes to paste the results on my blog, because I have seen it done before. I have totally given up, so you are just going to have to trust me when I tell you that the generator spit out number....

wait for it....

are you getting excited?.....

hmm, who could it be?......

i never win these things, so if you didn't either, I know how you feel....

this breakfast I am currently eating is delicious!.....

are you getting frustrated?......

ok, fine. I will tell you the winner....

in just a minute....

think ellie and I will head to the mall today.....

oh! and I finally got to start Time Travellers Wife. Good so far.....

ok, I am just being mean now....

and the lucky winner is.....


1! Paige!

I will send your info to Shannon asap. Congrats!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

do we have a 3 year old or a pre-teen?

I was out last night so Chris put Ellie to bed. They had played at the park and she got filthy so she got a bath before bed. And went to be with wet hair. You have seen this kids hair, right? Needless to say, she woke up with, um, interesting hair.

As Chris was getting ready for work, I told him to look at her hair and he goes:

"Whoa! You have CRAZY hair!"

Not a big deal, right?

Most kids would find that funny.

Our kid would have too, until this morning.

It hurt her feelings!


Of course Chris felt horrible.

He felt even worse when he asked for a hug goodbye and she said...

"maybe later."


Chris apologized to her and she said...

"ok, but just don't do it again."

Duly noted.

We apparently have a 13 year old in our house now.

With a sensitive spirit.


On a separate note, there are still a few hours to enter my giveaway! Better hurry!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

this kid

LOVES SHOES! I am in such trouble. What's even worse, she walks better in stilettos than I do. Not even kidding.
Don't forget to enter my giveaway! There is some cute stuff to be won!

Monday, August 10, 2009

a giveaway monday!

My blog friend Shannon asked me to do a giveaway and as soon as I saw the merchandise I was thrilled to be able to give some away to a lucky winner!

Shannon is terribly talented and made Ellie the cutest little shoes ever. They have rhinestones!

For this giveaway, you win these lovely yellow cards...

and some personalized stationary. Shannon says she can add any graphic so when you enter (which I know you will), tell me what graphic you would like to see on your personalized notecards and Shannon will create it. Aren't they cute!
You should be warned, she has the cutest little redhead ever!
You have til Thurs at 12 noon to enter and I will annouce the winner on Friday!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

a wonderful night!

Thanks Dave and Rebecca for a wonderful night!

For those of you who don't have the pleasure of knowing Rebecca, she is one of the classiest girls around. Seriously. I felt like I was in Martha Stewarts backyard last night.