Monday, November 7, 2011

30 days of thankful - day 7

30 Days of Thankful - Day 7


Lord have mercy.
I love me some seasons.
I don't know if I could live in a place without seasons.
Every year in February, I swear I could, but mostly, I love 'em.

They have always taken on personalities for me.
Is that weird?

Spring is a fickle lass.
She is pretty as a picture but can never make up her mind.
Spring brings new green grass.
And flowers.
And colors.
And the smell of Fresh.
She brings robins.
And Easter.
And the first warm days.
She has also been known to bring a late snow shower.
When she is in a bad mood.
Or lots and lots of rain.
When she is feeling weepy.

 Summer is a favorite around here.
We like him a lot.
He is strong.
And bold.
And very warm hearted.
He brings sunscreen.
And the smell of chlorine
And tan lines.
And flip flops.
He brings later bedtimes.
And beers on the front steps.
And long visits home.
And fireworks.
He is welcome anytime.

 Fall has a fashion all her own.
She is gorgeous.
And likes to show off.
Her favorite colors are bright orange and shiny yellow.
She brings apples.
And pumpkins.
And sweaters.
And the start of school.
She brings leave raking.
And turkey.
And the first fires in the fireplace.
I think she is so showy cause her time to shine is so short.

Oh Winter.
He is a good old chap.
But he tends to wear out his welcome.
He starts out great.
He brings snow.
And Santa.
He brings hot cocoa.
And family get-togethers.
He brings cuddles under the blankets on extra cold nights.
And the rush of a sled down a hill.
He brings mittens.
And rosy cheeks.
And a cold or two.
He has a hard time leaving.
He likes to hang around.
Bless his little heart.

But spring always pushes him aside.

And it starts again.

I am thankful for seasons.


Our life in pictures said...

funny, robins tend to show up in Highland Heights in Ol' Man Winter...oh wait, maybe they just come visit me!?!? xo

C. Beth said...

It's so cool that you live in a place where you really get to experience all four seasons. Nice post & pics!