Monday, November 29, 2010

back to normal

I think things are settling down a little.  I don't know whose life I have been living the last few weeks, but sister friend needs to take her crappy life back. 

There has been death, and sickness, and bad news.  Enough to last years and years thankyouverymuch

But now, the tree is up, the lights are strung, the cookie recipes are out and Benjamin is back. 

Let the festivities begin!

Oh, and a last minute confession and random thought of the day. 
You know those outlandishly gaudy Christmas sweaters and vests that are everywhere in the stores right now? 
I am so going to wear those someday when I am old.

Friday, November 26, 2010

scenes of thanksgiving

Another great year.
A lot to be thankful for.
Lots of hugs.
Lots of games.
Where Chris was Gin Champion 2010.
Just sayin'.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

grandma marion

Chris' grandma died.  She was loved by so many and will be missed by even more.

As a tribute, I thought I would list all the reasons I loved her.

1.  She LOVED to play games and hated to lose.  I got many a stink eye for being in the lead of a game.  I hardly ever beat her though.  At anything.

2.  She was astoundingly creative.  And I have many of her masterpieces to prove it.

3.  She was stubborn and witty and funny and wise.

4.  She had a pivotal role in raising Chris and you all know how much I love that man.  If there were no other reasons to love her, this would be enough.

5.  She made the best sausage gravy this side of anywhere.  For real.

6.  She loved the Indiana Pacers and had a bird named Larry Bird.

7.  She would give me all her old magazines when she was done with them.

8.  She kept the family together and united.

9.  She was the first in the family that I felt really liked me.  I think they all do now, but she was the first to show it.

10.  She had the greenest thumb of anyone I ever did meet.

So.  We are all sad around here.  We will miss her terribly.  Her role will be impossible to duplicate or replace. 

Oh!  And a shout out to Mark Davis.  He is Chris' little brother I had no idea he was reading...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

rules of survival

Ok people, listen up. 
I have overtaken the blog to give you some important information.
I am Meery the Meerkat and I am here to tell you how to survive living with a 4 year old.

Rule #1
Put up with the horrible names we get. 
Meery?  Really? 
Baby Polar Bear? Lamby?  How original.
Unica?  Ok.  That one's not too bad.

Rule #2
Under no circumstances let yourself get lost.
She will forget about you wasting away under the bed.
Or stuck at the bottom of the toy bin.
Or under the seat of the car.
No matter how much she says she loves you, she will forget about you.
She is fickle that way.

Rule #3
Don't get dirty!
She doesn't like things to be dirty and won't play with you again until you have gone through this horrible thing called the washing machine.
The washing machine is not your friend.

Rule #4
Prepare yourself to be handled roughly.
The more this kid loves you, the more she throws you.

Rule #5
Be prepared for squeezing.
She's a hugger, this one is.
And she hugs with a mighty force.

Rule #6
Learn to like the cold.
If you go in the car, you will probably be left in there for upwards of a week. 
 It is almost December now so plan accordingly.


Those are the basics and I know it can be hard. 
But remember. 
These are the good years. 
Before we know it, she will be too grown up for us.
And some of us will (GASP!) get donated to other families.

I know this girl can be rough, but she is our girl and we love her.
So while we have her, love her with all your might.
Love her silly games.
Tolerate her putting weird costumes on you.
Let her squeeze you when she is sleeping.
Listen to her secrets.
And keep her safe.

To stay the above and you should be fine.

Meery, OUT!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Thursday found us playing a lot.  It started with a little dress up.
Which led to our new favorite game...SHIP!
Where we were surrounded by sharks!
And upon looking out the window, found monsters, sharp teeth, and frankensteins!
So we had to keep puppy extra safe!
 Then the other passengers alerted us to a new danger...
 A real, live ferocious beast!!
Then, after we defeated the ferocious beast, we read some Fancy Nancy.  This kid LOVES Fancy Nancy.
Then we went to school where her class had a wooly bear festival.  And Paige came!  Ellie thought it was the neatest thing ever to show us around her school.
Then we came home, had a snack and played jungle, and yes, her bed is not made.  Sue me.
Then the animals missed Daddy, so we moved where they could see him.  Isn't he sexy??  And that is my rice bag.  This time of year, that thing gets a lot of use.  It is all warm and snuggly!  Plus my mom made it, which makes it extra special.
Then we put on jammies and went to bed.  Cause we were pooped.  And it should be noted, that Ellie's jammies are vintage, meaning they were mine when I was little.  Do you remember the Get Along Gang?  I loved those little guys!
What a day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

random thoughts and such

After reading some of my fav blogs this morning, I realized that a lot of them were very random.

Well!  This girl is always up for some random so I jumped on the bandwagon.

Starting with the pic above.  I don't know what it is, but I love that shot.  Weird?


Random Thought #1
Found a new great coffee.  From...WALMART.  It is called Cup of Europe and it is good!

Random Thought #2
I have been delegated pumpkin pie, chex mix, and brussel sprouts for Thanksgiving.
Brussel sprouts? you ask.
Yes.  This family has brussel sprouts on Tday and they are divine.
I would give you recipe but then I would have to kill you.

Random Thought #3
My shingles are disappearing.
Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Random Thought #4
Ellie looks super cute today.  Lands End all the way baby.

Random Thought #5
I watched Barbra Striesand on Oprah yesterday and cried the whole time.  I love that woman and don't care who knows it.  And then Robert Redford came out and I made a fool out of myself.
Then I realized I must watch The Way We Were.
I have never seen it.
A sin!

Random Thought #6
I have the cutest little chocolate pilgrim sucker to give to Ellie.  I almost ate it but realized how mean that would be.

Random Thought #7
I asked Ellie to give me a random thought and she goes:
"A panda poops on the carpet."

And that, my friends is untoppable.
I can't beat pooping pandas.
How appropriate.  This post starts and ends with Pandas.

Monday, November 15, 2010

settling down

I think things are settling down around here a bit.

Thank goodness for that!
No more workers in my house.
No more big checks to write.
No more family drama for a bit.
The big fundraiser I am part of is this weekend, so things are settling down on that as well.
Shingles are still present and making a nuisance of themselves however.
I don't think I would wish Shingles on my very worst enemy.
That is how much they SUCK.

There is some fun busyness happening though.

Early holiday preparations!
I enjoy this kind of busy.
It doesn't seem like work.
The early Christmas shopping.
The planning of the cookies.
The dusting off of the pumpkin pie plate.
I am also digging the use of Santa and his influence on good behavior.
That totally rocks!

Happy Monday Blog Friends.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

just a little song

We are going unplugged for a few days.  Here is a little song 'til we meet again.  Happy Weekend!

livin' some life

We are living lots of life in these parts lately.

For example:

Our dishwasher broke.
Our tires keep going flat and we need new ones.
We have had lots of home improvements done around here and while I am grateful I can now toast toast in my kitchen, I am OVER people being in my house.
Part of the home improvements aren't what we had hoped and I get the pleasure of speaking to the workers.
That is so far out of my comfort zone.
I hate controversy of any kind.
Chris lost his wallet.
Chris' grandma isn't doing well and we are worried.
A huge fundraiser for Ellie's school is next week and there is A LOT to do.
I had to take Ellie to get her chicken pox booster cause,

And they freaking hurt.


They broke out on my nerve path from my right hip to my knee. 
And they are soo pretty.
I am a limpy, itchy, painful, mess.
It is a weird pain.
It comes from the inside as a dull ache with an occasional sharp stab.
And clothes are excruciating, as the simple touch of the fabric is just too much.
I don't like this.
Don't like it at all.

But there is some good stuff happening too.

Chris and I fixed the dishwasher ourselves.  It was kind of a bonding experience.
Chris found his wallet.
I didn't feel good last night (damn shingles) and Chris brought me a Subway turkey sandwich on their new flatbread.  That stuff is good!

Ellie is on an upswing in behavior.
Santa only brings toys to good girls and boys.
Or so she tells me.
I'll take whatever makes her stop whining.

We are going home for a quickie visit.
Cause we haven't been home in FOREVER.

My dirty old gross basement looks bright and shiny now and I smile everytime I go in there.

So we are taking the good with the bad over here.
Being thankful for the good.
And knowing the bad will pass.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today I have to take back these vitamins cause they are the wrong kind.
They have the sugary stuff on them.
And she doesn't like the sugary stuff.
Damn.  Should've checked at the store.
Today this was my breakfast carnage.
Today I am so very grateful for a haircut.
Even if it does make her tongue stick out.
And make her look at least 7.
I didn't even have to brush it and this is what it looked like. 
Should have done this months ago.
Today I am grateful for my husband.
Even if he can't hang up a coat or push his chair in.
Today I am loving these girls I got at the dollar store.
For a dollar!
They are going to make my mantle very happy come Christmas time.
 Today I moved Gnomeo to a new home and he is very happy.
Whew!  All this before 9 in the ayem.

Also today I have to:

Go through a lot of old papers and do some major shredding.
Email book club with our new book choice. 

Call Ellie's (hopeful) school to request the application.
(If you are the praying kind, we could use some.  I don't know what we'll do if she doesn't get in this school.)

Go back to the animal shelter and look at this dog again that I cannot get out of my head.
(Sorry Honey.)

Give a shout out to Chris.  Between the two of us we fixed the dishwasher!  All by ourselves.
Culprit: pumpkin seeds.

Do a little Christmas shopping.
Start on my holiday letter.
(So you like or loathe those?)

Make crab cakes for dinner.
Keep E from eating too much left over candy.
Keep me from eating too much leftover candy.

Have another cuppa coffee.
And be thankful for what I have.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

early morning

It is dark.
I am all warm and cozy, tucked in the hollow of a strong arm.
The alarm sounds, a quiet talking coming from the radio.

I don't want to get up.
I feel so safe and protected.
I listen to the heavy breathing coming from next to me and take a moment to be thankful for my wonderful husband.

I get up.
Slip on my ancient, beat up slippers, and tiptoe out the door.

I peek in my little girls room.
She is all tucked in, her hair an array of gold silk.
Her new jammies match mine and I am happy.
She is so beautiful.
I can still see the little tiny baby in there when she is sleeping.

I creep down the stairs.
They are old and creaky and I know just where to step to be as quiet as possible.
I look out the window and see the season's first snow on the ground.
I put tiny new purple boots by the door cause Lord knows she will want to be outside as quickly as possible.

Then I see a brave soul walking a big dog down the street.
Breath frosty in the air.
Hands mittened.
And I am glad I am on the inside looking out.

I head to the kitchen to brew some coffee.
Blessed coffee.  How I love you.
I look at the picture on my kitchen windowsill.
Me and Mom. 
Hugging and looking happy.
And I wish for things that cannot be.

I tidy up and check my calendar as the coffee finishes up.
So much Christmas fun heading our way.
And a child who is at the perfect age for it all.

I sip my coffee and turn on the computer.
Relishing the silence.
Relishing the loves of my life still blissfully sleeping upstairs.
Hoping they are dreaming of glitter and unicorns.

I am awake now.
Glad I have pulled myself out of the deep dark slumber.
I am an only and am a loner at times.
And I need the solitary time in the morning.
Just for me.

Exercise awaits. 
And a busy day filled with all those things that fill our days.
Some fun.  Some not.

But for now it is just me.
And my coffee.
And solitude.

Another day has begun.
I will embrace it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

LOTS to do

Oh for heavens sake.  Why does everything always happen at once?  We are in the process of making some improvements to our home and in the process have decided that we:

must sell anything we haven't used in the last 15 minutes on Craigslist.
need a new couch for the finished part of the basement.
need a new bed for Ellie's room.  We are thinking loft!
need to move the office to the toy room.
so all the toys have to find a new place to live or get rearranged.
and must do our kitchen of course.  That room is awful.

We are also having our electric totally redone (you've heard how I have to toast my english muffins in the living room right?  No?  Well, it's not fun.)

I am sicktodeath of strangers in my house.  Even if they are very nice strangers who are making improvements.

And I haven't sold anything on Craigslist for awhile and I had forgotten all the craziness that comes with it.

"Whats the model number?"
"Well, I can come tomorrow at 4:37, but not a moment before."
"Can I have it for free?"
Ok, some of these are exxagerations, but you know what I mean.  I spent all night on the computer last night answering questions.  I kept having to pause Greys!  For. The. Love.

So, in the midst of all this, it is nice to just walk in my basement and see that the yucky old peeling 1970's paint is all gone and left is nice new shiny white. It is glorious!   You can kinda see it below.  We are in the organizing process.  Maybe I will do a before and after... 
We are selling the table and chairs, not the cute kid, and no, this pic wasn't used on Craigslist...she just kinda snuck in there.
Oh!  And can I just say, we got those boots for Ellie yesterday from Lands End (19.95!) and she hasn't taken them off since.  She loves them and so do I!  She can get them on all by herself.  Snow boots.  By herself.  SOLD!  They are the Flurries and as soon as I saw them I knew Ellie had to have them. 

(I think I have to say this, Land's End had nothing to do with this advertisement.  I just really like them!)

So anyhoo, that's whats going on here.  Gotta go get busy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

different little stories

The pic has no significance.  Just a little piccy that makes me happy.

A lot of funny little stories have been happening around here lately that I thought I would share.

Story 1

I was at the grocery yesterday, in a huge hurry, and this little old lady comes up to me in her little motorized cart and this was our conversation:

Lady - "Have you seen the damn asparagus?"
Me - "I needed it too and couldn't find it."
Lady - "You tellin' me there no damn asparagus?"
Me - "I couldn't find any."
Lady - "You have got to be kidding me.  I planned my whole menu around the damn asparagus."
*drives away angrily*

Apparently, she really needed the damn asparagus.
Hope she found some.

Story 2

I had always planned to get Ellie and American Girl doll.  Elizabeth to be exact, cause how cool is that?  I had planned to do this in like, 3 years, when she was old enough to really want one.

Well guess who is being retired after this Christmas.



So mama had a decision to make.  And I bought her!  She will be arriving any day and I somehow have to put her away for 3 years

This is going to be really hard for me.

And for the record, Chris just doesn't get it at all.
"It is a $100 doll"
"It's dresses cost more than my clothes"
"It is a $100 doll!"
"There's a whole store?"
"You have got to be kidding me"

Suck it up buttercup.  Welcome to the AG world!

Story 3

Ok, this one is really embarrasing.  But I love my blog readers, so I trust you to still think I am a functioning human being after you read this...

We have a bathroom that connects to our bedroom and the hallway.  The other night, Ellie went into our bedroom, from the bathroom and shut the door.  I was still in the bathroom and went to go into the bedroom and the door was locked.  Now, I wasn't trapped in, as the other door was open, but as I looked down to unlock the door, there was no unlockie thingie.

I was confused.

Shouldn't the lock be in the bathroom?

So I get tweezers and am trying to unlock the door from the bathroom side.
Muttering under my breath the whole time.

Ellie comes up to me, asks what I am doing and I explain the prediciment.

She leaves the bathroom, walks around to our bedroom and

unlocks it from the other side.

She opens it and goes (and I am not kidding)


OH. MY. GOD.  I am losing it.
Total moment of stupidity.
I swear I function normally most of the time.

So there you have it, just some funny things that have been happening around here lately.  Happy Tuesday!