Tuesday, April 26, 2011

headin' home

Girlfriend and I are making an impromptu trip home today.

After I have my first ever mammagram.
I know.
Aren't you jealous?
But that is a story for another day.

I don't know how much to get into now,
or if now is even the right time.
But since it has consumed me for days
and nothing is real until I write about it here,
I will just say it.

My dad is sick.
Scary sick.

And I am scared.

I am going home to get some test results with him.
So pray for good news.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

i adore her

Can you see it?

There is a little bit of baby still there.
In the soft rounded cheeks.
And the puffy justwokeup eyes.

It is fading though.

I adore her.
Even when she talks back.
And changes clothes 16 times.
And wants me to be a horse.
And won't eat her vegetables.

I adore her.
Because she has the cutest tookus.
And the biggest blue eyes.
And the softest skin.
And the sweetest little hands.

I adore her.
Because she has a fashion sense all her own.
And thinks flip flops should be year round shoes.
And bathing suits are perfectly acceptable school wear.
And uncombed hair is cool.

I adore her.
Because she says words like apparently.
And evidently.
And excellent.
And "according to."

I adore her.
Because she is so nice to her friends.
And wants everyone to get along.
And avoids drama at all costs.
And wanted to invite everyone she knew to her birthday party.

I adore her.
Because she loves horses.
And unicorns.
And dolphins.
And kitties.

I adore her.
Because she is brave when she should be scared.
And scared when she has no reason to be.
Because she tells me her secrets,
but is horrible at keeping mine.

I adore her.
For keeping me company on errands.
And helping me dust.
And folding the washcloths.
And setting the table.

I adore her.
Because she loves to color.
And play pretend.
And ride her bike.
And explore.

I adore her.
Because nature is mysterious and wonderful to her.
And she picks me dandelion bouquets.
And always wants to climb on rocks.
And hang from tree branches.

I adore her.
Because the moment I knew of her exixtence,
she made me a mommy,
and Chris a daddy.
And because of it, better people.

Happy 5 baby girl. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

first of three

Ellie had the first of her three birthday parties this week.
I know.
Isn't that absurd?
3 birthday parties.
Girlfriend is spoiled rotten.
5 is an important age to turn however.
It is a whole handful, afterall.

I digress.

Chris' family threw her a fantastic party in Indy last weekend.
With butterflies hanging from the ceiling.
A cupcake cake.
And enough presents to make a girl blush.
 They know of her love of horses...
 and bought accordingly.
 And Auntie Sheryl stumbled on more of her very favorite toys
(Jungle in my Pocket animals)
and bought a ton.
From Europe.

 This is Uncle Mark and Aunt Amber.
They are getting married in June.
Ellie is the flowergirl.
And gets to wear a black and white polka dotted dress.
With flip flops.
We are looking forward to it!
 After the party we headed down to the river to do some fishing.
The geese were very interested in us.
Ellie is a master caster.
Must get this girl a real fishin' pole and let her do her thing.
 And we played a bit in the backyard.
It was a fun day.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

park day

I had about 29 errands to run yesterday.
I usually try and save days like this when Ellie is in school.
But her class was cancelled for the entire week
due to both her teachers being really sick.

So, missy got to come with me, and it was not fun.
Mom, this cat food is heeeavy.
Moooom!  The drug store is boooring!

So I finally gave in and we went and played for awhile.
We both needed it.
We picnicked in the car.
Then got our play on.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I signed Ellie up for a pony camp!
She gets her own pony for a week.
Where I am sure she will groom and saddle and ride.
And fall in love.

I knew I was in the right place
 when we open the barn door and a big ol' friendly chocolate lab sauntered over.
Her name was Logan.
And I fell in love.
With her.
With the smell of the barn.
With the look of excitement on Ellie's little face.
With the thought of the teeny tiny cowboy boots she will wear.
With the idea of a week I know she will love.

It is not until July.
I know.
That's a loooonnnggg time away.
She is beyond excited.
And I am jealous as hell.
I asked if I could sign up too.
And the lady at the barn laughed at me.
I wasn't joking.
I guess I will have to live vicariously through this one.

I told Chris last night at dinner that he better hope against hope that she doesn't want to get seriously involved with the whole horse thing.
Cause I could get seriously involved with the whole horse thing.
For. Real.

She could get Emmie.
 Or Abe.
 Or Oreo

Or Penny
Or about 13 others.
Personally, I am hoping for Penny.
I have always been a sucker for white horses.
They are lucky after all.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, it finally happened.
We had us some nice weather!
We got to open the windows and everything.

This boy was in HEAVEN!
 Chris went golfing so E and I headed to the zoo.
In shorts!
The deal was, we would play hard until 2 but then Mommy was going to watch the Masters.
She agreed.

We were happy to be in the sunshine.
 She tweaked her ankle last week and has had an on again off again limp.
So I decided we should rent a stroller for some of the walking.
She wasn't happy at first, but then realized how nice a little push was every so often.
Dr. appt. today for said limp.
 Last year she was terrified of these birds.
This year, she is feeding them.
 Then when Daddy got home, we had a massive club cleaning party...
 and practiced our swing.
(don't look at my yard, I have some work to do...)
 Then we headed to the park for some last minute sun.
(notice the 3rd outfit change.)
 And she rode her bike so fast she was a blur.
It was a good Sunday.
And Charl Shwartzel won the Masters.
I know.
But he seems like a nice enough guy.
So good for him.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

fruit salad

We have very lazy mornings.
Which I love.
So I am always amazed at how hurried we are to get out the door.
We relax just titch too long most mornings.

Yesterday we had to go to Target before school and I told Ellie she could have a pizza there for lunch.
She hooped and hollered.
Then proceeded to inform me that pizza isn't terribly healthy and she should make a fruit salad so she would have something healthy to go with it.

That's my girl.

Then she told me it would be much healthier if she made it.
From start to finish.

What the heck.
We had about 37 seconds to spare.

So we got all the stuff out and she made herself a little fruit salad.

I love this kid.

And we tried a new hairdo.
I desperately need to take a "little girls cute hairdo" class.
I am not very good at doing her hair.
There is a little girl in her class who we call Abby braids.
Her mom is really good at hair and she comes to school with great little 'do's.
Ellie wants them.
I am working on it.
This is the best I can do.
Sad, isn't it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

rainy monday morning

It is rainy and cozy here this morning.
 My house is in that post weekend state of disarray.
I have sheets to wash.
And laundry to put away.
And piles of nothing to deal with
And phone calls to make.
And a grocery list to fill out.

But first, I am going to finish this cup of coffee,
listen to it rain,
and try and convince a certain little girl that it is time to get up.
Happy {rainy} Monday!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

my favorite pic right now

Addicted to instagram.

This is Atty waking up from a nap.
He was all curled up in the sun at the top of the stairs.
I tried to sneak up on him to get the shot.
But it's hard to sneak up on a cat.

Love this shot.
Love this boy.
Love my new phone.

Friday, April 1, 2011

in. love.

So Chris surprised me with an iphone yesterday.
I know, right?!?

I have had it for less than 24 hours and I am in love.
With both him and my new phone.

I know I am terribly behind in my love of instagram.
But seriously.
And I really haven't even learned all the cool stuff yet.
These were just the first few I took.

Zombie Ellie
 I took this pic and turned her zombie looking.
We were at Panera and she was in hysterics.
People were laughing at her laughing.
So anyhoodle.
Be prepared.
Lots and lots of instragrams coming your way.