Friday, November 4, 2011

30 days of thankful - day 4

30 Days of Thankful - Day 4

My Childhood

I had a fantastic childhood.
I mean, really, really great.

I am an only child born to older parents.
(well, older for the 70's.  37 was ancient back then to have a kid.)

My parents had a fantastic marriage.
And by the time I came along, they were old enough to be pretty relaxed with me.
And I think, they were just relieved I finally came along.
My mother had all kinds of trouble holding a pregnancy.
She had boatloads of miscarriages.
Don't get me wrong though.
I may have been an only child born to relaxed parents.
But I was, by no means, spoiled.
A lot was expected of me.

 For example, when my parents entertained, which was often,
I was expected to come out, say hello, be polite, then beat it for the rest of the night.
They did not provide activites for me.
I was expected to play alone in my room.
Entertain myself, if you will.
 But my mom and dad also spent a lot of time with me doing fun things.
Little trips.
Cooking dinner.
We would drive by a playground and I would beg to stop and play,
and it seems like we always did.
We probably didn't, cause now that I understand how impossible that can be.
But I still like thinking she always stopped.
 I think I was the last generation that was really allowed to play too.
Do you know what I mean?
I would leave in the morning, and when I heard the whistle at dinnertime, it was time to come in.
They would have no idea what I did all day,
and they certaintly didn't hover.
We tend to hover these days.
Why is that?
 When I think of my childhood I think of:
Swimming at Aunt Jackie's.
Fruitty Pebbles at Aunt Judy's.
Marshmellows on Linda's front porch.
My kitty, Tabby.  She was crosseyed.
Loving school.
Golfing with my parents.
Visiting Paige and Ken in Cleveland.
Playing hide and seek in the cornfield at night.  No way on Gods green earth would I do that now.
All good memories.
Does everyone only remember the good?
Or am I just lucky?
I was very fortunate that even my teenage years were good ones.
There was no serious teenage angst happening.
I was relatively well liked in high school.
Wasn't bullied or a bully.
Got good grades.
And didn't do anything too terrible.
I don't think I was too much trouble for my parents.
I had a lot of friends.
Even more family.
A safe neighborhood.
And parents who adored me.
 And apparently I had a twin brother.
This was my tomboy phase.
Good lord.

I am thankful for my childhood.


Our life in pictures said...

i miss TeeTee...sob.

Karen said...

This post had me in stitches!! I actually laughed out loud at your class picture. Didn't we all have pictures like those?! And I was shocked to see the one picture of you smiling and kind of looking down at the camera wasn't Ellie. You looked JUST LIKE HER. Amazing! And I, too, remember playing outside with my neighbor for hours on end. My parents had no idea where I was. We'd hang out in the woods and walk along the stream behind our homes. Or we'd hang out at the elementary school playground down the road. And we lived on a busy road. I'd never let my kids get near the road in this "day and age". You're right...why is that? Maybe when they're older! Gotta love the old days. :) Sounds like you had a wonderful upbringing!

C. Beth said...

Great family, great post. Blessed life. :)