Wednesday, February 27, 2013

did you know?

Did you know:
That mozzarella cheese and grapefruit are besties?
 Photo: Fresh mozzarella on grapefruit. Broiled til melty. Plain ones have brown sugar. Weird or genius?
Did you know:
That my best friend turned 36 last week?
 Photo: Chris is 36 today. Happy birthday babe.
Did you know:
That mom's like oreo's for after school snacks too?
 Photo: After school snack for mom.
Did you know:
That little girl Sperry's are even cuter than big girl Sperry's?
 Photo: Ellie's first Sperrys. It's a big day.
Did you know:
That wellness programs at work which provide fresh fruit can be lifesavers to those of us that forget lunch?
 Photo: On days I forget my lunch, I am especially thankful for our wellness program at work, which provides fresh fruit.
Did you know:
That coming across something your mother wrote before she died will cause 5:45am sobbing at the dining room table?
Photo: For Anson R Thompson. Hope you can read it.
Did you know:
A winter hike in the woods is just about the best thing ever?
Photo: 50 degrees = a hike in the woods.
Did you know:
I love this man?
Photo: Date night. Birthday celebrating, no kids allowed. 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentines day 2013

It's not been great.
Today we found out Ellie has Mollescum Contagiosum.
Which isn't serious.
It's just really hard to get rid of.
It's a virus that is wart like in appearance which is very contagious to your own person.
It's contageous to others too, but mostly to oneself.
Treatment could last upwards of a year.
I also had a cavity filled and found out Ellie has her first cavity.
Yay again.
Is it summer yet?
Let's focus on the positive, shall we?
I get to wake up to this girl every day.
And I sneak coffee dates with this guy as often as possible.
 And he is always willing to cuddle up when I request it.
I am indeed a lucky girl.
Who cares about warts and cavaties??
In other news, Ellie has started gymnastics and is loving it.
It is a serious place.
The first 20 minutes is all conditioning.
Serious Business.
 I saw a teeny tiny little thing do a front flip arial thingy last Tuesday and about had a flipping heart attack.
She couldn't have been older than 5.
We will stick to cartwheels.