Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween AND 30 days of thankful - day 1

Yes.  You heard right.  You get 2 posts for the price of one today.

First:  Halloween!

Ellie wanted to be a dolphin this year.
Cause the girl is obsessed.
Couldn't find much in the way of dolphin costumes,
except the one in Austrailia.
for which the shipping alone was $65.
No thank you.
So, we thunked outside the box and she was a

Her school put on a trunk or treat.
This was our trunk.
I thought it was pretty good until we got there.
These people are crazy crafty.
We had a pirate ship and an entire zoo.
All out of trunks of cars.  It was insane.
 Our girl still had fun though.

 Then last night was trick or treating in the neighborhodd.
Again, it was a madhouse.
This house is the reason.
It is Halloween personified.
They are doing a documentary on it which brought even more people.
 Yes. That is Jeff with 4 beers.
We are those people...

We had 800 pieces of candy.
Started at 6.
And ran out by 7:20.
We give one piece per kid.
It really is a freaking madhouse.

 Then we had a little late dinner with our friends.
And Ellie had her sugar high.
And crashed.
Halloween 2011 is in the books.
It was a good one.

Second: 30 Days of Thankful!

It is November.
I know, crazy right?!?
November is all about being Thankful.
You know, Thanksgiving and all.

So I thought I would do a daily post on all the things I am thankful for this month.

30 Days of Thankful.

Some serious.
Some funny.
All things I couldn't live without.
They will be in no particular order.
Just depends on what I feel the need to gush about.

So, here we go.

30 Days of Thankful - Day 1


I could go on and on (and on and on) about why I love this man.
I'm serious.
We have known each other our entire lives.
Started dating when we were 16.
We are very fortunate that we found each other when we did,
and even more fortunate that we like each other more and more as we get older.

He is my rock.
He is my clown.
He is my safe place to fall.

We have very common interests.
We both love to golf.
We both love to gamble.
We both love to watch movies.
These things help us have the relationship we do.

He is my back rubber.
He is my soda sharer.
He is my daughter's father.

I take for granted what we have.
I know it.
And I don't like it.
I know a lot of people who are unhappy in their relationships.
Or don't have one.
I can't even imagine what that must be like.

He is my protector.
He is my tech guy.
He is my best friend.

We don't fight well.
We don't do it enough.
So we don't know how.
When we do argue,
we get all passive aggressive and silent.
We know it about ourselves though.
So, it's ok.

And I am not sure you could have a better friend.
He will stand up for you.
He will go to bat for you.
God help you if you badmouth someone he loves.
He will come at you with fists up.
He has your back in a fight.
Not that he fights often.
But he would if he had too.

I would rather be with him than with anyone on planet Earth.
I so look forward to our alone time.
And try and cherish every second of it.
He is my heart.
He is my love.
He is my world.

I am thankful for Chris.


shelley c. said...

Looks awesome and like a ton of fun, but I just have to say - that photo of Chris kissing baby Ellie is among the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.

C. Beth said...

I think your trunk looks very cute! I haven't ever been to a trunk or treat so I wouldn't have even realized I should decorate if I was participating. :)

You snagged a good guy. :) Very sweet post!