Thursday, January 28, 2010

what i see

a princess crown on top of the Turbo Tax software

my grocery list for book club

a beautiful little girl with an oreo mustache


my wedding rings

laundry that needs put in the washer

an old coffee cup that needs put in the dishwasher, but I need to unload it first


my two fingernails that ellie painted before she got bored

a doll house

Yep. Another exciting day around here. I am REEEAAAALLLY trying to not wish away time but it's gonna be a long afternoon.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wow. just wow.

My kid has gorgeous hair. It is all blond (from me) and curly (from Chris). Perfection.

But it takes a lot of work to make it gorgeous.

Look what we have to work with this morning. Wowza. This is particularly bad. If you hear screaming in California or Texas, it's just me, combing my kids hair.

Monday, January 25, 2010

new dessert?

We went out to dinner with Jeff and Megan on Saturday. It was great! We always have such a good time. As we were looking at the dessert menu, by husband mentioned how he used to break little debbies over ice cream. We all decided that is what we wanted. More like, we HAD to have it. So as the guys paid the check, Megs and I headed to Rite Aid to get supplies. Supplies were limited, no little debbies, but we made do.

I must was delicious. A little twinkie, a little oatmeal cream pie, a little swiss roll. Yum!

I highly suggest you try it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

i love my husband

After a 3 month hiatus, I am running again. It feels good to move my body and get a little extra holiday weight off.

This morning, Ellie comes crawls in bed with us about 8:30 and I am sandwiched between Ellie and Chris. Heaven. The last thing I wanted to do was drag my butt out into the cold to run. But I did.

I got a good run in and I walk into the house to the smell of eggs, turkey bacon, and coffee.

Yes. I could get used to this.

What's even better, he even did the dishes. He just might get lucky tonight.

I love that man so.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

this week

we have met a new friend at school. Earl.

found a new hairstyle.

gone to the zoo with friends.

and learned to ice skate.

It has been a good week.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

mean girls

Girls. Girls are mean!

We were at the library today and as we head back to the childrens area I hear little girl voices and think "oh good! Ellie will have someone to play with."


There were 3 moms and 3 little girls there about Ellie's age. The three moms were obviously together and spent the entire time we were there talking and gossiping about famous people.

Ellie wonders around a bit while I pick out some books for her and I see she is trying to work up the courage to ask them to play. She goes over to them and asks to play and at first they let her. She sits down with them and plays what they are playing and not 2 minutes later, this little girl says (loudly):

"go away! we don't like you! your shirt is for babies!"
and the other 2 laugh.
The mothers say nothing.

Ellie (who is wearing a Cinderella shirt) comes over to me and looks sad and I tell her its ok (even though it is NOT ok) and we build a few puzzles together. I ask if she wants to leave and she didn't.

A few minutes later, Ellie is playing with a toy and the same little girl pushes her back and tells her to get out of the way. Meanly. Ellie just looked at her and her little chin started to quiver.

Again, the mothers say nothing. And it happened right in front of them.

At this point I was furious and we just left. At the front of the library I knelt down and told her that she is a good girl and those girls were mean and they should have apologized after being mean to her. I also told her the next time she gets pushed she DOES NOT have to take it. She can politely tell the other child NOT to do that. It isn't nice.

Now I know kids are kids and such, and this kind of thing is going to happen, but c'mon! The other mothers saw what was going on and totally ignored it.

I also know that my kid isn't perfect. She tends to be a little whiny and dramatic (among other things) but she is always nice to other kids, asks them to play, makes sure everyone gets a turn, etc... To see her get her feelings hurt just breaks my heart. This is the first time I have witnesses outright hostility toward my kid and it was not fun.

God. The teenage years are going to tear me to pieces.

Monday, January 18, 2010

oh my

Today has not started well. Not started well at all.

I woke up at 3:42 with Ellie crying. She was fine, but I have been awake since 3:42.

Ellie woke up at 7:41 CRANKY and WHINY. I can handle a lot of things, but whining is NOT one of them. Especially when I have been awake since 3:42.

Listened to her in her room. I can't decide what to do! I am so afraid of the dark! Come hold me mama!

Got up. Went to tell Ellie that she had two options. Pick something to play or come and lay with us. I just don't know! I told her she had 5 seconds to stop whining or she would be in time-out. I can't stop whining!

Ellie goes in a 3 minute time out. She apologizes then I cuddle her. How do you turn down your kid asking you to hold them?

Let Chris sleep in (MLK Day off work). He offered to get up, but at this point I knew there was no more sleep in my immediate future.

Made her breakfast. But I want a banana! No more bananas. Strawberries or cantaloupe. But I NEED a banana! Oh. My. God.

All this before 8:15.

Send reinforcements.

Preferably with strong coffee and pastries.

Edited to add: Right after I published this, I was surfing the net and saw some more Haiti pictures. On second thought, I have had a fantastic morning.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

the real me

There is a movement going around to show the "real you." You can find out more about it at

When I first heard about it I thought, there is no way in hell I am posting pics of me sans make up on my blog. And then I thought, why not? Most people that read this already love me and have seen me way worse than the pics posted. So here I go. The first pic is one day last fall, where make-up just never made it into the day. I wish I could say I photoshopped the pimples and eye wrinkles in, but sadly, they are real. The second is Christmas morning. Because, who has time to put on make-up (or brush hair/teeth) before present opening?

A few other random "real me" confessions:

I love stale popcorn. Will make it a day in advance just to eat it stale.

I love to pick things. Like pimples. They don't even have to be mine. Chris gets so mad at me when I devise a surprise attack on him. Or boogers. Ellie is almost too old to tell me to shove off. I think I have about 6 more months of booger picking before she won't let me anymore. Or toe jam. I love me some toe jam!

I like coconut. Why is this weird? Because my mother HATED coconut and Paige HATES coconut and I want to HATE it on principle. But I don't. I actually really, really like it. Paige, please still love me.

So there. The real me. Anyone else up for the challenge??

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

building a snowman with a 3 year old

We have been waiting very anxiously for the snow to be "snowman snow" around here. I mistakenly showed her our snowman building kit about a week ago and every day since then she has asked about 437 times if the snow was "snowman snow."

Finally, today was the day. I casually mentioned that after Target (where I was going basically for coffee) we could come home and build a snowman.

The excitement was intense.

We drive in the driveway and this is the abridged conversation for the next half hour or so:

E: We have to get all bundled up right mommy?
Me: Yep
E: And as soon as we are bundled we can go out and build a snowman, right mommy?
Me: Yep

Spend the next 15 minutes bundling up. While she twirls around in her socks as I am trying to get her snowpants on, cries that I am messing up her hair when I put on her hat, etc...

Finally we get outside.

E: I am so excited!!
Me: Me too!
E: You brought out all the stuff right?
Me: Yep.
E: You have the heart?
Me: Yes.
E: You have the buttons?
Me: Yes. I have it all babe, I promise.
E: What do we do first? We roll the snow? Ok! This is so fun! Like this mommy? Twinkle Twinkle, rolling the snow, going to make a snowman with my mommy!
Me: (smiling at her little song and I work around her to build the bottom)
E: This is kinda hard mommy but I am still helping.
Me: You are such a big help.
E: (patting down the snow) I don't think I want to build a snowman. It takes too long. Wanna play tag?!?
Me: Uh-huh. I am building a snowman and I need your help! (Thinking: Seriously! We have been out here for 2 minutes and she is done? I don't think so sister!)
E: You build it mom, I'm gonna watch. You done yet? Can I knock it down when you are done?
Me: um, no.
E: But that would be so fun!
Me: Um, no.
E: I will put the face on when you make the head. Is that the head?
Me: No, it's the middle.
E: Where the heart goes?
Me: Yep.
E: I'll put the heart on. And the buttons.
Me: Super. Ok! I am about to put the head on! Get all the stuff on it and then we can hoist it up here.
E: What is hoist?
Me: Lift. We can lift it up here.
E: Ok. Done. Let's hoisted it up on there now. I don't think it is going to stay.
Me: We need snow! Quick!
E: You get it. I'll hold the head on here.
Me: Fine. Don't drop it. (Make 6 trips to get snow from the sunny part of the yard to keep his head on)

Snowman is done.

Me: What do you think?
E: He is great! But it sure took you a long time to make him. I am so tired.
Me: Poor baby. What should we name him?
E: I don't know? Let me think a minute. I am so tired from all that rolling.
Me: (thinking, yeah, those 20 seconds were rough!)
E: Let's go have cocoa! I have worked up an appetite!

I can't wait till Daddy gets home and Ellie tells him all about the snowman she made. With little to no help from me.

So without further ado, I introduce Mr. Caring Tink Snowman. Hope he stays around a bit.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yeah. You heard right. I have nothing to blog about. There is nothing going on here. We are just kind of hunkered down, watching way too much tv and drinking lots of coffee. What else are we supposed to be doing? We have like, 47 feet of snow outside. And I am sick to death of playing in it. Heck. I think Ellie is even sick of it. I am trying to muster up the energy to take Ellie to the science center, or the library, or something. It is just so messy out there. And of course she wants to walk in the snow, but then she gets mad when her pants get wet and wants to go home and put on dry pants. So not worth it.

I'm not even sure why I am blogging. Maybe just for something to do. What a wasted post. Thanks for reading. If you have suggestions on indoor things to do, please comment. We have crafted, baked, played, and read our brains out. If only she would nap...

Ok, enough rambling. I will leave you with a picture of my lovely husband. He is probably going to kill me for this one. This is a game where you hold the card up to your face, ask questions, and try and guess what you are. Ellie loves it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

sunday short

We can add sledding to the list of things Ellie loves to do. We found a great hill near our house and after once down with both Chris and I, she would only go down by herself. My little daredevil.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Since it looked like this out today we:


and I mean CRAFTED!

all with a (large) kitty rubbing our feet.

We wore a new outfit,

played school

and break the ice

and cooties. She won.

We spoke horse,

filled the cookie jar

and channeled a princess.

Don't I sound like the best mom ever?

I'm not going to mention all the tv we watched, the (less than)healthy lunch we had, or the fact that I accidently fell asleep downstairs while she was playing upstairs. I will just leave you with the illusion that I am perfect.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

to do

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's resolutions and have been thinking about what I want to change this year for a week or so now. I have decided not to "make resolutions" per se, just have a year long "to do" list.

Drink more water. I don't like it, but I really need to do it!

Learn to knit. I have wanted to know for ever but have never found the time. I think my book club friend Rebecca knows how (hint hint) and am willing to provide coffee and sweets for a few lessons...

Compliment people. Everytime I see someone I think, Oh! What a pretty color for her! or, Oh! I love her shoes. But I never say it. This year, I am going to compliment people!

Try new recipes. I am in a huge cooking rut. Must break free!

Read 2 of my mothers books. I have a huge collection of my mothers old books. All her favorites. I will read 2 this year.

Have Patience. This one is a hard one for me. Work on patience. Especially with Ellie.

Get more sleep. I need it. But when Ellie goes to bed, I love to spend time with Chris or read. Really going to try and put the book down earlier and get more sleep.

Live in the moment. I am a planner. Period. Anyone who knows me, knows this about me. I need to enjoy now more, and not worry what is coming up, or what I have to do tomorrow.

Do something that scares me every day. This could be as simple as introducing myself to someone new, to as difficult as skydiving. Ok, maybe not skydiving, but you get the idea...

Be a good friend. I tend to be pretty self absorbed. I hate that about myself. I don't mean to be, and I certaintly don't want to be. I will remember birthdays, call just to chat, send cards, plan get togethers, and genuinely care about what goes on in their lives. I already care, now they will know I care! My friends are so important to me. They need to know that!

So that is my list for now. I will add more as I think of them. Or as things change...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


If you recall, I mentioned a new game we have been playing. We got it for Christmas after Paige talked and talked and talked about it. I kept thinking

"enough with the Qwirkle already!!"

But now I get it. I am totally obsessed with this game. Like, Edward Cullen obsessed. I won the very first game Chris and I played and haven't won a game since. I think Chris is cheating somehow. Or not. His mind works exactly the way it should for this game and I really have to think about it. Plus, he gets all the good tiles all the time every time. So unfair.

We have stayed up til all hours with me trying to beat him. He thinks it is funny but is smart enough not to laugh in my face.

Play it. But be warned. It's all you'll do for days.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


We get lots of snow. Like at least 100 inches a year. Yea. Now that I have a kid that likes to play in it, it is 4000 times worse. It is fun the first few times we go out but then she asks and all I think about is the 30 minutes it will take bundle up enough to be outside for the 10 minutes she plays before she gets cold. And the huge mess it makes in the kitchen when all the snow gets tracked in.

But I do it, because she loves it, and because my mother did it for me.

And afterwards, I always realize it was worth it.

Our first big snow happened on New Years Eve so New Years Day we headed out.

She loves it when she got pulled in the sled. Faster Daddy!

Then she treated it like sand. Ha! I wish we were on the beach.

Then we made snow angels and I got snow down my hood.

Then we buried Daddy. This was really fun.

Then we went in and had cocoa. Again, a must have but a lot of work for the tiny sip she will take. She wants to love it but just doesn't. Not yet.

So New Years Day was great around here. Since then we have basically stayed in pajamas and cuddled and played games. Particularly a new game. It is my new obsession. More on that later...

Back to routine tomorrow.

I don't wanna.