Friday, March 30, 2012

what i know for sure - being sick edition

In all our years, Chris and I have never been sick at the same time.
We decided, on Ellie's first ever Spring Break, we would end that tradition.
He was worse than me.  Fever and such.
I just had a horrid head cold with body aches and a nasty cough.
Here is now
"What I know for sure about being sick."

1.  You will wonder which is worse, being the really sick one (him) or being the one who feels just a titch better, so therefore has to handle everything.
2.  You will want to cry when your kid asks you to play with her.
3.  Your laundry back-up will get absurd.
4.  Your house will be strewn with Polly Pockets and crayons.
5.  You won't care.
 6.  You will think that sitting in the sun will feel good.
7.  It will only make you sweaty and irratable.
8.  Popscicles will become your friend.
9.  As will night-time medicine.
10.  You will sleep in the basement so you don't disturb your husband with your hacking and restlessness.
11.  You will get no sleep.
 12.  You will feel incredible guilty, that while down in the basement, you can hear your kid making her own breakfast.
13.  And you still won't have the wherewithall to get up and help her.
14.  You will listen to her read to the cat and get weepy.
15.  You will go to the store for more cough drops and sprite and nearly pass out from the exertion.
16.  You will have a tiff with your husband when the power goes out and you can't get out of the garage to go to the doctor, and where is the damn garage key?
17.  You will be extra thankful for friends who come and whisk your kid away for a sleepover.
18.  You will watch an inspirational movie and cry all the way through it, cause you're all drugged up.
19.  You will go to bed at 8:15.
20.  You will have weird drug induced dreams.
21.  You will wake up on day 4, feeling better, and wondering what the heck happened to the last week.
22.  You will convince yourself that the "chapped nose from all that blowing" look is hardly noticable.  Hardly noticable at all.
23.  You will look around your disasterous house, think about tiding up, then decide to pick your kid up from her sleepover and give her a fun day, cause, she was a trooper through the sickness.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

where have i been???

I know.
It's been a long time.

We headed home for a visit for a few days.
Played with cousins.
Had a night out with some old friends.
(Which was awesome! Thanks Grismores!)

Then Chris found out he had to be back a day earlier than he thought.
So we left a day early.

Good thing too.
Cause on the way home, Chris started to not feel good.

That was Monday.
This is Thursday.

He has the flu.
I got my flu shot, so I just have a heinous head cold.

Ellie is totally fine.
Bored out of her gourd, cause her loser sick parents are ruining her spring break, but fine.
Poor thing even had to make her own breakfast yesterday.
She had cheerios.

I feel like I don't want to die today. 
So I might be on the mend.
Chris still has fever.  Off to the Dr. he goes this afternoon.

And Ellie is heading to a sleepover.
Things are looking up!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

stolen date

I love it when I get a text from Chris at 2:30 in the afternoon.

"Golf tomorrow?"

Hell to the yes.

It somehow feels illicit and sexy.
Sneaking off in the middle of the week to spend some time together.

So we arrived just after we dropped Ellie off at school.
It was all dewy and green.
Smelled so good.

We walked the first nine.
Rode the second.

I didn't play all that great.
She's in there.  My former golfer girl.
But she has lain dormant so long, she is rusty.

But that wasn't the idea.
It was 80 degrees.
And the sun was shining
It was just my guy and me.

There may or may not have been a pretty good kiss shared behind a tree on the 15th.

Pretty close to heaven.

And I declare this is the year my golfer girl comes out of retirement.
 I need to remember to keep my stinkin' head down.
And to swing through the ball.
And to never leave another putt short.
For. Real.

Monday, March 19, 2012


 I am pretty sure this is the beginning of the end.
Cause we just don't get 75 degree weather in Northeast Ohio in March.
It's glorious.
And somewhat disturbing.
It's supposed to be 78 tomorrow.
I digress.
We are taking full advantage of the sun.
We hiked all day on Saturday.

 I was absorbed by a woodpecker here.
This bird had a pretty decent hole going in a tree and I was, apparently, fascinated.

 This is her "tickle me, but no really don't" stance.
She loves it and hates it all at the same time.
We hiked so hard, that after the first honey hut of the season (chocolate chocolate chip) she passed out in the car.
We also front porched it for a bit.

Then we headed over to the east side for Izzy's 15th.
Saw some peeps.
Got some love from Nicky P.
 Then Sunday found us at a pancake breakfast.
Sister ate 3 and a half pancakes and 3 sausage patties.
It was absurd.
 We burned off all that syrup at a playground.

 And we got us some new kicks.

It was a delicious weekend.
Hope your's was too!

As a post script, I would like to mention that there were some occasional veggies thrown in the mix of all that sweetness.
Good grief. 
Looks like she had nothing but sugar all weekend!

Friday, March 16, 2012

woodsy run

Jen invited me for coffee this morning.
I had to run first.
Chris mentioned that maybe I would want to do my run in the metroparks, since it was that way and all.
It was so serenely nice.
I can't even tell you.

I ran my very fastest 1.5.
and this is terrible embarrasing,
I saw a set of steps across the street, just as the training montage for Rocky came on spotify.

Yes.  Yes I did.
I upped and down those steps the entire song.
The last one, I almost threw my arms up in a "rocky at the top of the steps in Philly" way, but decided I had already met my corny quota for the day.

What I failed to remember was how downhill I had been running.  To get back to my car, it was uphill all the way.
Let's just say, there were no personal bests happening on the way back.

I did get some good exercise.
And 3 more miles were added to the Lent miles.

Rocky Balboa would be proud.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


 Today is sunshine.
It is an early run and a healthy breakfast.
Today is almost 50 of my 100 Lent miles complete.

Today is meeting a friend for lunch.
And an unexpected call, inviting Ellie over after school.

Today is folding laundry, running the dishwasher, and dusting.
It might even be cleaning out the garage.

Today is planning for another fun weekend.

Today is kitty love.

Today is good.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

sock hop

 This could go down as the single cutest thing I have ever seen.

 The lighting was hideous, so bear with me, but look at how Vanessa is looking at Lance.
So sweet!

 I see Tee Tee up there, does anyone else?

It was so neat.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

misc randomness and etc...

I am going to try something new here.
I don't really have anything to talk about.
But feel as though I should blog.
So I am just going to keep talking and see what happens.

Are you in?

 We have a busy weekend planned.
Sock hops.
2 more birthday celebrations.
And a Friday night with no kid or husband.
Whatever am I to do with myself??
The Anthropologie gift card I got for my birthday and I might have a date.
 As previously mentioned, Ellie's school is throwing a sock hop.
How stinkin' cute is that?
Yes, I bought her a poodle skirt.
It's red.
Yes, she is going to wear a scarf tied around her neck.
No, we don't have saddle shoes.  Her silver sparklies will work just fine.
I don't know who is more excited.
And after that she goes for her very first friend sleepover.
Girlfriend is having a good Friday!
 I had a UTI this week.
I am currently on meds and feel better.
The doctor called this morning, while I was taking Ellie to school, and I missed the call.
Message said to call back at my earliest convienience.
Now I am convinced I am dying.
Not funny, I know.
 I am eating really healthy lately.
I am an overall healthy eater, but when I am super aware of what I am putting in my body I feel so much better.
So why don't I do it all the time?
It's one of life's greatest mysteries.
I am also on mile 36 of my Lent miles.
Must get a move on.
What else is there to ramble about?
Ellie and I had a nice talk about Heaven in the car on the way to school this morning.
I tried to explain the idea of a soul.
She just wasn't getting it.
"Mommy?  Where is Heaven?"
"Mommy? How do you move without a body?"
"Mommy?  Can I see my soul?"
Then we got into a discussion of what Easter was all about, and Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead, etc...
I think it kind of freaked her out a little.
"Mommy?  No one but Jesus can rise from the dead, right??"
Now, I don't know about you, buy my heaven is filled with books and fireplaces and kitties to sit on your lap and sunshine and popcorn and golf courses and love.
I told her Heaven is whatever she wanted it to be.
I have no idea if I am right.
I hope I am.
 Ellie has decided she wants an all girls tea party for her birthday.
I am in the process of planning.
It's still over a month away.
I am excited.
Think real tea cups and a dance party.
A scavenger hunts and a real live teenage girl to perform makeovers.
Should be a hoot.
 I stopped by the local Salvation Army to drop some things off yesterday and had a looksie inside.
I scored like I have never scored before.
I got an Express dress for $1.
I got and American eagle dress for $3.
I got lots of Hollister tanks each for $1.
I got the cutest Banana Republic shirt for $2.
And other misc stuff.
Ellie got 3 or 4 dresses, a pair of jeans, and a few tshirts.
 I performed 35 random acts of kindness the week of my birthday?
Yes, I stole the idea from Pinterest.
I wasn't sure if I could pull it off.  That's a lot of random kindness.
You know, cause I am old now.
I sent 5 cards to 5 people telling them why I loved them.
I took cookies to a neighbor.
I took beer to a friend who was healing from a surgery.
I took a shamrock to a friend.
I took a muffin to a friend I hadn't seen in awhile and we had a nice catch up.
I took cookies to school for the office staff.
I took cookies to a friends mother who is battling cancer.
I took a bottle of wine to that friend.
I left cookies for the mailman.
Ellie passed out cookies to random kids at school.
I called 2 people and told them how much I loved and appreciated them.
I handed a scratch off lottery ticket to an old man at the grocery.  He was surprised to say the least.
I passed out 12 cupcakes to random strangers at a bar.
I am telling you what.
It is fun to do nice things for other people.
Well ok.
I think that is enough.
Happy Thursday!

Monday, March 5, 2012

on this monday

On this Monday:

I am thankful for friends and who came to celebrate 35.

I have nary a basket of laundry.

I am having chicken tortilla soup for dinner.

We got some new non-fiction books to read.
Think "Seasons" and "Gorillas".

I have a UTI.

I am overly excited about Ellie's sock hop and sleepover on Friday.

I am still praying for the kids of Chardon.
That's very close to home, you know.
Such a sad thing.

I have a clean closet.

And I am about to go take a shower and get into some warm jams.

Here's to a good week!

Friday, March 2, 2012

35 things

I am turning 35 tomorrow.
That is like a real live adult age.
I still mostly feel about 22.
But am starting to look not so 22.
Where the heck did these wrinkles come from??


I am going to be busy being celebrated tomorrow, so I thought I would do a little posty today.
(I take my birthday very seriously.)

So here are 35 things you never knew you never wanted to know about me.

1.  I will re-read a book if it is good enough.  I read To Kill A Mockingbird every other year or so.
2.  My underwear drawer is more granny than sexy.
3.  I hate to unload the dishwasher.  Hate.
4.  Hearing the mail drop in my box makes me happy.  The possibilities of what may have come are endless.
5.  I secretly want Ellie to be the next great female golfer.
6.  I could eat popcorn every day of my life.
7.  My closet is a disaster.
8.  I am a neat freak.  So the above is driving me crazy.
9.  My current favorite color is green.
10.  I get overly excited when I see my tulips and daffodils coming up.
11.  I can hold a grudge.  I'm not proud of it.
12.  I love my feet.  They are pretty.
13.  I think the amount of homework Ellie gets is a lot for a 5 year old.
14.  I still miss the show ER.
15.  I collect salt and pepper shakers.
16.  I am so in love with my cat it is embarrasing.
17.  I want to learn to knit.
18.  My husband can make me laugh harder than anyone else.
19.  I never sleep well.
20.  I will go out of my way to avoid confrontation.
21.  I will park farther away from a store to avoid a tight parking spot.
22.  I am a huge dork.  My family laughs at me all the time about the silly things I do.
23.  I am terrified I am going to see the end of the world.
24.  I secretly think I could solve a crime.
25.  I love to meet friends for lunch.
26.  I am really hard on Ellie sometimes.  I expect a lot.
27.  I only shave my legs every other week or so.  I am not a hairy person.
28.  Speaking of shaving, I went to "Brazil" recently.  I won't be doing that again.  It hurt so freaking much.  If you see me in real life.  Ask me about it.  It's a great story.
29.  I have realized that being out of your comfort zone is a fun place to be.
30.  I am on 26 of my 100 miles for Lent.
31.  I can be selfish.  Don't like this either.
32.  I want to go to NYC so bad I can't see straight.
33.  I wish I dreamed about my mom more.
34.  I wish I were more confident.
35.  I plan to consume nothing but cupcakes and wine tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to Me!