Monday, February 28, 2011


We had Izzy overnight.
Ellie was beside herself.
Cause she thinks Izzy hung the moon.

Izz is going to Japan this summer on some fancy shcmancy school something or other.
It is an honor to be selected to go.
She needs to raise some money.
Ok, she needs to raise a lot of money.
We are so proud of her.
She doesn't really know anyone else going.
Very brave, methinks.

So what do we do when she comes over to spend the night?
We leave.
And pay her to babysit.
Cause it's a win-win.

It's fun to get a glimpse of my future life with a teenage girl.
Girlfriend can text with a vengeance.
And 13 year old conversation is a bit more interesting
than 4 year old conversation.
Most of the time.
And I can ask her for opinion on a pair of boots I just bought.
And trust what she says is true.

And older brother Nick was home from college.
And used Ellie for some kind of school psych experiment.
(Not as scary as it sounds.)
Then took the girls out for dinner.
How sweet is that?

Next weekend Ellie is going over to Izzy's house to spend the night.
You know, more Japan $$.
We are excited!

It was a pleasure to have you Izzy.
Ellie is already talking about next weekend.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

who needs school?

So yesterday was the first day Ellie could go back to school.
And she was beyond excited to see her friends.
It had been over a week afterall.

So we get our coats and boots on.
We are walking out the door.
She is bursting with excitement.
And the school called...
and cancelled school due to illness.
For 2 days.
Apparently everyone has what she had.


The look of despair on Ellie's face was the saddest thing I have ever seen.

We have managed to have fun anyhow.
Yesterday was Chris' birthday activities and today we hit up the Natural History Museum.

I have to mention how impressed I was with lunch.
Cause Mama loves lunch.

Ellie had grilled cheese, carrots and cucumbers, a cookie and milk.
I had a grilled cheese, with grilled veggies, salt and vinegar chips, and a soda.
And it was delicious.
And cost $8.

Then we were going to surprise Daddy at work.
But there was not a parking spot to be had.
Sorry Daddy.

So, hopefully, we can go to school tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today is Chris' birthday.
I could go on and on about how much I love him.
But it feels I have done that before.
Several times.

So I thought I would tell you some of our best memories.

1.  When he graduated college, and I was still working on my masters, he up and took a job in Virginia Beach. 12 hours away. I was very hesitant about going.  Didn't want to leave my family.  He told me he was going, no matter what, and that he really hoped I would follow him. 
My mother told me to go! 
Told me to go out and see what was out there.
6 months later, after I finished my masters,
I went.
Best decision I ever made.
One of the best times of my life.
Just us.  Didn't know a soul.  In a beautiful place.
Lived there nearly 4 years.

2.  Which leads me to another good memory.
He moved in March.
In May, I went to visit him.
He proposed.
With flowers and a ring and down on his knee and everything.
Then I got food poisening.
And barfed for 24 hours.
Then his boss wanted to meet me.
So, of course I went, still a little green around the gills.
And his boss ordered a soft crab sandwich.
(this was Virginia Beach, after all)
And seeing those legs sticking out of that sandwich about made me barf again.
But I didn't.

3.  I moved there in August.
We lived in a great little apartment in the historic district of Norfolk.
Lots of sailors about.
I couldn't find a job with my newly acquired masters degree.
So I waitressed.
And learned a lot of valuable life lessons.
Like how to take a shot of tequila.
And to never drink with a bartender.
Chris would come up and visit me at the restaurant.
And play Golden Tee while I worked.
And he would always order a mexi club wrap.
With fries.

4.  We were scheduled to get married on June 16. 
In the middle of Feb, we realized that my insurance with my parents would run at the end of that month.
So rather than risk it,
we hopped on down to the Justice of the Peace
and on Feb 28
we got married.
Just us.
And a sweet old man who married us.
No one knew except my parents,
who sent us flowers,
which we watched get stolen right out of the lobby of our apartment building.
So every Feb. 28 we celebrate JOP day.
Justice of the Peace day.

5.  Another favorite memory is the morning I told him we were going to have Ellie.
But I am keeping that one to myself.

There are a bunch more.
But I will save some for another post.

Love you baby.  Have a wonderful birthday!

Monday, February 21, 2011

scenes of our sunday

Chris and I decided Saturday night that if Ellie felt up for it (still really tired from her fever) we would go out for a big breakfast.
Lucky for us, she felt up for it.
 Gosh I love this kid.
 See?  I didn't hold back.  It was delicious.
 My 2 favorite people in all the world.
 Then we went home and relaxed for a bit.
 We played some Wii.
 And cuddled a cat.
 Then Chris and Ellie headed to the movie (Gnomeo and Juliet) and I went to the grocery.
Unfair you say?
Ellie had been attached to my hip for a week.
2 hours alone in a grocery seemed heavenly.
I took my camera, but I was going to Walmart (cause I needed only basics and a few non grocery items).  The Walmart I go to is sort of rough.
I had lofty aspirations of taking artsy shots of the red peppers and rows of cereal.
But as I stood in the produce section, ready to get my camera out, I realized these people would laugh and point at me if I took a picture of the produce.
So, imagine, if you will, a lovely shot of red peppers here.
Or maybe a long shot of all the different coffees.
Or someone with their butt crack hanging out.

Ok, moving on.

Then when I got home, I put all the groceries away.
Then I made banana bread.
Cause apparently we can't get 5 bananas eaten in this house before they go bad.
Then I made turkey meatloaf for dinner.
Then I sat down to catch up on some correspondence.
Then my family came home.
As for the banana bread... 
 I added chocolate chips this time.
When it was cool, I promplty cut it in half and took it to my neighbors.
Cause my butt doesn't need a whole loaf.
(Did you see my breakfast?)
 Then we ate the (surprisingly tasty) meatloaf.
Gave Ellie a warm bath.
And put her to bed.
At 7.

Then we watched The Amazing Race.
It's not looking good for the cowboys.
And I love the cowboys.

Then we went to bed.
And that was our Sunday.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

saturday short

In all the sickness around here I forgot to show you our little Valentine's we made for Chris.

The picture explains all.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 18, 2011

today, so far

Ellie has been sick.
High fever for 3 days.
Ear infection.
And a cough.
That WILLNOT go away.
A cough that makes her throw up things that don't even look like they came from a human.

Went to the doc and got lots of meds.

Apparently, she has a touch of asthma.
That any kind of cold or respitory issue makes worse.
Like, much, much worse.
Fever is finally gone, but I think Mr. Cough is going to be around awhile.

And it's always fun to have that kid.
You know the one I mean.
The one that you know is perfectly fine and not contagious, but sounds like the walking dead.
The one where parents stare at you, thinking, "why is she out and about, infecting everything."
More fun.

But today the sun is shining and I was determined to go outside for just a bit to blow the stink off.

We took half her bedroom to the front steps.
 While a kitty watched from above.
 We took a short bike ride.
 We lunched.
 We had an awesome mail day.
 And we went back outside and chalked some more.
We have also played babies, and barbies, and animals, and games.

It has been a long freaking week.
Sick kids are a lot of work.
The up and down all night is exhausting.
The worrying is even more exhausting.
And fevers and coughs are no fun.
So there.

I just told Ellie that I was going to finish this post, play one more game with her, then lay on my bed and read my book.

1.  It's really good.
2.  I am tired.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

kitty love

 I have fallen head over heels for this boy.
 It's serious.
I am quickly turning into one of those women who talks about her cat.
And shows people pictures of him on her phone.
I know, right?
Not good.

When we got Hoosier, I loved her.
But she isn't a havetobewithyou kind of girl.
She is much more happy curled up on the couch you are not on.
And only occasionally will she grace you with a lap sit.
And then you feel smothered.
Because she is enormous.

But this boy.
Oh. This boy.

He is lovable and trouble all rolled into one.
His favorite things to do are investigate the dishwasher and refridgerator.
I accidently closed him in the fridge the other night.
Thank goodness I was cooking dinner and was in and out of the fridge.
Imagine my surprise, when I went for milk, and out popped a cat.

But no matter how riled up and naughty he is being, the minute you pick him up and tuck him in your arms, he calms down and settles in.


He is happiest sleeping on you.
And purrs like a motor boat.
He licks your face.
And is a cheese thief.
He is very tolerant of 4 year olds.
And finds the coziest spots to nap.
He got neutered and declawed last week and it wasn't pretty.
Not pretty at all.
Poor little thing didn't tolerate the pain meds well.
And was high as a kite for days.
He couldn't even sit upright for 48 hours.
I was convinced I had forever damaged him.
But he is almost back to normal now.
He has a slight head tilt that wasn't there before.
I think it's cute.
He is a perfect little addition to our family.
And I am smitten.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Ellie hosted her very first sleepover!

It went great.
The "other Ellie" came and the girls had a ball!

Key Points of Sleepover:
matching jammies
matching plates
fight over slippers
other Ellie afraid of kitties
kept calling each other sweetheart
played house
and candyland
and old maid
barettes in hair
watched Spirit
frosted cupcakes
had a manicure
hugged a lot
Asleep at 10:45
Awake at 6:07.

Memorable Quotes form Sleepover:
"This is the best day ever!" - Ellie C.
"Sleepover macaroni is better than other macaroni!" - Ellie C.
"Ellie!  Let's hug!" - Ellie D.
"Are they going to kiss?  Maybe they will fall in love!" - Ellie C.
"Cupcakes make me happy!" - Ellie D.
"Oh dear!" - Ellie C.
"Ellie, I don't think it is morning yet.  Go back to sleep." - Ellie D.
(it was, but barely.)
"Can I cheat?" - Ellie C, while playing Candyland
"Ms. Tia, for breakfast I want pancakes with strawberries on them, sausage, milk and a cupcake." - Ellie C.
"Mommy, the other Ellie gets up when it's still dark!" - Ellie D.

So, here are the pics of the night.

 I like to call this "sleepover carnage."

And an hour after the other Ellie left, I realized how quiet it was...
and found this.
Our first sleepover was definitely a success!

Friday, February 11, 2011


We had our annual snoman building day this week.
The worst week ever.
(But I won't get into that.)
I prefer to remember only the good part of this week.
And this snowman was one of em.

I think he looks like a kind fellow.
Someone who would hold a door for you.
Or pat you on the hand if you had had the week I have had.
Or bake you molassas cookies.
If snowmen could do that.