Tuesday, June 30, 2009

an experiment

Ellie and I had to be out of the house today from 11-3 for a "broker's open house." Basically, real estate agents walk through your home and hopefully try and sell it to one of their clients. This is all well and good, except I have the worlds worst cold. My head hurts, my throat is on fire, my whole body aches, and I go into great coughing spasms. Fun.

To try and make the day bearable, I decided to conduct an experiment to see if being extra nice to others would make me feel better. I just complimented people, was sure to smile and say hello, held doors, etc...

Wow. People are so jaded and rude!

I told this other mom at the library that I loved her necklace and she just kind of nodded and walked away.

I let a dude go ahead of me at the grocery because he only had a few items and I had a whole cart full and nary a word of appreciation.

I held the door for at least 5 people and only one said thanks.

Most people looked away when I smiled at them.

Seriously. It was really sad. I am losing hope for all mankind. I mean, how hard is it to smile at someone who is smiling at you?

Wow. Just wow.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Lately we have:

Attended Bible School...FEAR NOT!

Had our picture taken by Ellie.

Sang with our friends during the program.

Ran a race.

And played in a fun fountain.

It's been a good week.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

book club turned golf club!

My book club went golfing! (Well, 4 of the 7 did, the others were invited to meet us for dinner afterwords.) We had such a good time too! I mean, sunshine, exercise, good conversation, being with good friends, what could be better?
As per usual, it is much better told in pictures.
Warming up.

Megan hit a supurb shot out of the trees, with slight damage to the tree directly in front of her ball.

Teeing off on No. 9. That sun was bright. I hit in on the green, thankyouverymuch.

Lisa on No. 9. Sand got the better of Lisa this day. Poor girl. She didn't let it get her down. There is a golfer in there ready to leap out! Get a few more rounds in her and watch out! Great technique!

Megan on No. 9. A real trooper. Hardly ever plays but is athletic enough to pull off anything. I was impressed! A natural putter.

Rebecca on No. 9. This girl can play! And is very modest about it. A good combination. She beat me, and my competitive juices are stoked!

Now that that's over with, let's go eat!

Just a few apps on the patio...delish!

The best part is we are going to make this a by-monthly thing! I had forgotten how nice it is to golf with other women instead of always playing with men. So much more relaxing!
Thanks for a fun night girls!

Monday, June 22, 2009

exciting news! (and no, I am not pregnant!)

Our house is for sale!
The city in which we live had a residency requirement, meaning if you work for the city, you have to live in the city. It has been in the courts forever and it finally passed that it was no longer necessary, meaning, we get to live wherever we want to!
That being said, this is a totally shiteous time to put your house on the market and we know that. However, it is also an awesome time to buy a house. So, we are just gonna see what happens. The good thing is, we don't have to sell. I have already found the school (charter) Ellie will attend if we are still here and we really do love our neighborhood and little house. I just hate the public school system here.
We are just going to see what interest there is, if any, and go from there.
So, all week, I have been cleaning out closets, touch-up painting, scrubbing floors, purging the basement (BIG JOB), and making runs to Salvation Army. The listing goes up today.
Wish us luck!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

things i love today

turkey bacon
my own bed
my little tomatoes that are growing
my freshly cleaned carpets
an organized house (more to come in a later post!)
fried okra
the good book I am reading
So You Think You Can Dance (if you don't watch, you are missing out!)
walks around the block
a weed free flower bed
watching Ellie wiggle around, dancing
the idea of something new

and of course, this girl.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

eight years

Eight years have passed and I'm happy to say
I love you more, even now, today.

You rub my feet, and grill for me
and gave me the cutest girl, age 3.

You always drive, 'cause I hate it so
and humor me when I say it's too slow.

You laugh at my jokes, and tell me they're funny.
and financially speaking, you bring home the money.

You don't complain of the food I cook
and let me spend hours with my nose in a book.

As Daddies go, you are king of the hill
no one is better...zero, zilch, nil.

You are so smart, you know it's true
have I mentioned that I love you?

You love to learn, golf and play ball
but always make sure to take my call.

I started running cause I needed it
and you push me out the door and say "go get fit!"

I am so lucky that I have you
Ellie is lucky you're her Daddy too.

I love you baby, this blog is for real
Here's to 50 more. Is that a deal?

Monday, June 15, 2009

indiana trip

Holy cow people. We have had a such a good week! And busy! Prepare yourselves. I captured it all on film to share with you!

We watched ball games, attended birthday and graduation parties, faired 4 days straight, went to school with Quincy, rummaged, fish fry'ed, golfed, met friends for lunch, parked, library'd, partied, partied, partied!

I tried to make time for friends this time and it was so nice to see the friends I saw. I got to golf with an old high school buddy. It was great to catch up with her. And I had lunch with one of my best friends in high school and his lovely wife. Great time!

Here are the pics!

Linda and Wayne's (my aunt and uncle) lovely house. We stayed here this time. This house burned down about 3 years ago while they were in Florida and Wayne and Linda just built it up again. The same as before only better. I love it there!

Ellie giving Linda a pedi. It looked pretty.

A little bike riding.

Linda's porch. My favorite place on earth.

Cheering on Quincy at her ball game.

Ellie, Tanner and Quincy at a graduation party.

Having a little breaky before church. Not sure what the face is??

Hitting a pinata at Luke's birthday party.

All the kids at the party.

What's a party without cake?

Remember I said I killed a snake? Well, I didn't actually kill it, but I was present when I was killed. See him there? He was a gigantic poisionous monster I am sure.

The kids watching the slaying.

Me and my dear friend Molly. The snake was in her backyard. We probably hadn't seen each other in 10 years. It was nice to catch up.

Ellie and Molly's Carter. Cute boy!

Playing at the park.

Hangin' out.

Cool sign in downtown Farmland. Yes Farmland is the name of the town. I grew up in the sticks.

My and cuz' Andy. He is so weird. We love him though.

Ellie and Kyler playing in the dirt at Quincy's game. These two are bethrothed.

"Go Quincy!!'

Ellie and Uncle Wayne huggin' on the porch.

Big bite of breakfast.

Ellie and Luke playin'.

Riding some rides at the fair.


Cheesy girls.

Why yes. I would love a bite.

Ellie and Linda on her side porch.

Doing a little cake walk. We won!

Getting ready to watch the fireworks.

Stuffed in Quincy's locker.

She was let out to eat some lunch.

More rides.

Peas in a pod!

The girls heading to Jerry's for some ice cream.


Catching a ride with Izzy.

Playing a game.

Relaxing for a minute.

Won the hat at one of the games. She loved it.

Tractors for the tractor pull. Told ya. Sticks!

Playing with a rummage sale find.

Getting ready to watch the parade.

Quincy and Izzy in the parade!

Getting the hang of picking up candy. Notice who is wearing the hat.
Fish fry!

Quincy got asked by Rhett to go on a ride! They like each other we think. Sorry if you read this Rhett or Quincy but it was SOO cute!

Quincy and Ellie checking out something. Not sure what?

Last cone of the trip. We had enough ice cream to last all summer.

I don't get them....

...but Iz totally rocks em.

Seriously, I am exhausted!
Exciting news to come! Stay tuned!