Monday, January 31, 2011

scenes of our sunday

Chris worked all weekend, which is not normal.
It somehow seems harder to be a solo parent on the weekend, doesn't it?
  So on Sunday, when he had a few hours, we made the most of them.
We had us some fun.
 Urban Outfitters.
I am becoming very fond of Anthropologies less flashy, less fancy, less expensive little cousin.
 The chocolate store.
Oh how I love thee.
And didn't get a thing.
Cause I have eaten at Chipotle 3 of the last 4 days.
 Just a random kayak shot.
Cause, why the heck not.
 Then we hit up a nature center.
We love nature centers.
And as a side note...
apparently people come in here and steal the turtles.
For real!
They had to install security cameras.
It would never even dawn on me to stick a turtle in my pocket and walk out.
Stop stealing the turtles people!
 Then we headed home.
And Chris went back to work.
And I did laundry and bedtime duty and tidied up.

Random fact #1:
Chris likes blue.
Most all of his work clothes are blue.
Random fact #2:
Brooks Brothers shirts are worth every single penny.
 Atticus in a moment of calm.
There aren't many of these.
 She did NOT want to go to bed.
 But once she did...
I had some wine and watched my new guilty pleasure, The Tudors.
Henry VIII was crazy.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

my life in numbers

Before we get to the numbers part, check out the pic above.
Green grass!
Flip flops!
These things will come again!
Won't they??

She recently did her life in numbers and I immediately thought of what I would put.
And since, lets face it, nothing is happening around here, I totally intend to steal her idea.

So!  I give you my life in numbers!

3 - number of cups of coffee I have had already this morning.
0 - number of shows that are new tonight.
1 - number of kittens that are about to get drop kicked out into the snow.
1 - number of friends I am meeting for lunch today.
3 - number of days this weekend I will be a single parent.
18 - the date on which I am hosting a party for no reason at all.
12 - number of conversation hearts I ate yesterday.
4 - number of hours of sleep I got last night.
0 - number of good books I have read lately.
3 - number of layers I am currently wearing, trying to stay warm.
1.5 - number of hours I spent at the gym yesterday.
1 - mama that I am missing today.
4 - number of cards I have ready to mail.
357 - number of facebook friends I have.
1 - number of My Little Ponies that is staring at me right now.
1 - number of soccer forms I need to fill out and turn in.  Today.
35 - number of days until my birthday.
5 - the number of years my kid is turning this year.  How is that possible?
16 - the number of times I told Ellie to eat her dinner last night.
10 - the number of fingernails I need to attend to.
1 - number of little girls that are sleeping in!
2 - number of new inches of snow we got last night.
3 - number of loads of laundry I have to do today.
4 - number of hours I average listening to Pandora everyday.  Currently really into Yiruma.
4 - number of rotten bananas in my house.  Banana bread perhaps?

That's all I have time for now.
Happy Thursday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

monday monday

Not much happening around here.

So I thought I would do a pros and cons of today.

Cause, why not, right?

Let's start with the cons, shall we?

My kid is leaving me.
(Yes.  My last post was slightly dramatic.  I was premenstural.)
It is about 4000 below zero here.
And we have a kitten that thinks the carpet behind a chair in the office is his litter box.
Not good.
I have been working out like a mad woman and eating incredibly healthy for 2 weeks and  have gained a pound.
Muscle Schmuscle.

However, the pros are good.

I have a roast in (Mary of Nazarath's) crock pot and it smells great!
I just hit a huge Old Navy sale and got some great summer things.
We are planning our 10 year anniversary (gasp!) trip for this summer.  Just the two of us.
(At least one of us is.  The other one of us needs to get excited about this.)
We are furniture shopping!
It is soon to be tax check return day.
I am about to eat a very healthy lunch of quinoa and zucchini.

Ok, since 2 of those were about food, I must be ravenous.

Happy Monday Friends!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


We got some excellent news.
Ellie got into charter school we applied to!
This is wonderful and a huge relief to us.

However, all of this school talk has made me realize that in less than a year she will be gone.

No more Tuesday morning breakfasts at 10 am.
No more movie days.
No more trips to mall, just to kill time.
No more Thursday afternoon playdates
No more lazy days watching it snow.
No more pancake lunches.
No more preschool.
No more afternoons playing pretend.
No more.
Instead we will have homework.
And new friends.
And school lunches.
And a new job.
And busy nights.
And I will become less of a hero.
And more of a mom.
Which is ok.
It's how things are supposed to be.
But I like being a hero.
It's going so fast.
Stay little.
Just for awhile.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We had a weekend!
We didn't do anything special, but it was fantastic!

It was just the 3 of us.
Good lord I love my little family.

First we did a little jumping.
And sliding.
And laughing.
 Then I woke up with a horrendous cold.
But I was a soldier and we went sledding.
 Someone had a quick bout with the crankies...
 So we distracted her with the river.
 And all was well again when she got pulled on the sled. 
I didn't go to the gym this day, and this is why.
You pull this kid up a ginormous hill a few times and your legs are jelly!
 Then we warmed up with some Panera.
Have you had their Medditerrain veggie sandwich and black bean soup?
 Then we spent the afternoon reading...
 perfecting the snow fort (with an escape hatch!)...
 and playing loads of gin.
 Whilst a kitty napped on my lap.
Then I got sucked into the Golden Globes and I have some observations.

1.  Tilda Swinton is weird.  I am not even sure she is human.
2.  Ricky Gervais is an ass.
3.  Emma Stone absoutely rocks.
4.  While I adore Edward Cullen, Rob Pattison is awkward and not nearly as cute.
5.  Poor House is never going to win.  He is the Susan Lucci of the Golden Globes.  But he shows up, every year.  To lose.
6.  Sheldon Cooper won!  This makes me happy.
7.  Marky Mark has come a long way.
8.  Angelina Jolie looked like she borrowed her Grandma's dress to wear.  WTH?
9.  Loved Natalie Portmans dress, but she has the worst laugh ever. 
10.  And I totally have to agree with Flower Patch...was Sandra really there, behind all those bangs?

Then on Monday, Chris and Ellie went to the zoo while I did fun things like clean and grocery shop.
And we have a total card shark on our hands.
She beat Daddy at War in under 10 minutes.
And he wasn't letting her win.
I have never seen a game of war go so fast.
 Then, we put E to bed and made nachos.
Cause we don't like to share our nachos.
And then the weekend ended.
Just like that.
How dare it???

Thursday, January 13, 2011


What is 358 you ask?
358 is the amount of calories burned in an hour shoveling snow.
Which means I burned about 650 calories yesterday.
Not. Even. Kidding.

Below are a few other interesting things I learned yesterday during the storm of 2011.

Pipe cleaners are all kinds of fun.  I just loved my little pipe cleaner girl, but Ellie wasn't overly impressed.
 She is more of a brown paper bag puppet kind of girl.
I also learned that we might just have a kitty peace treaty happening. 
And Atticus is the most tolerant kitten in the world.
 And getting ready to go outside still sucks.
 And shoveling a path for the mailman, after you have already shoveled your entire driveway and the end of the driveway (where the plow came through and heaped snow) and pulled a 40 pound 4 year old all over kingdom come is a nice thing to do and makes you feel good.
And this is not as it appears (you perverts!)
When questioned what was happening, I was told the deer can't fly and the unicorn can so the unicorn was giving the deer a ride.  Duh!
And Atticus is not only tolerant, he is smart.  This is his favorite spot.  Especially when the furnace is on.
And coffee has life sustaining qualities.
And Ellie learned what a "pinky promise" is.
And after some serious research, I discovered that Mary of Nazareth was the previous owner of my crock pot.  I think she used it to make Jesus' lamb stew.
It is that old.
 And this chocolate house is going to be the death of me for 2 reasons.
1.  I keep eating it.
2.  Ellie keeps asking if she can have just "one more teeny tiny piece, pleeeeeaaasssseee??"
 And finally, boredom leads you to do strange things, like spending 45 minutes figuring out what to do with your dinner napkins.  Seriously.  45 minutes.
So yes, while a snowy day inside can seem like an eternity, lots of interesting things can be discovered.