Sunday, December 4, 2011

santa lunch and such

We had us a fun weekend!
Yesterday we went to our very favorite restaurant with our very favorite people and had lunch.

Then saw Santa!

Ellie was in heaven.

First, we grew some antlers.
Then she got to sit between her two best big girl cousins.
Words can not describe how she feels about these two.
 Then, she got a ride from Nicky P.
He couldn't stay long.
He is all grown up now.
With college semi-formals to get to...
 Then we anxiously waited in line to see the Claus'.
With our letter.
I hardly helped write at all.
Girlfriend is learning to write!
 Then it was our turn!
Santa took her list very seriously.
 And we got a nice picture.
 The big kids even joined in.
I want to stop here and mention what great young people we have in our family.
They are funny and caring and smart and good looking.
With just a hint of the dramatics we all remember experiencing.
They are such fun to be around.
 Then we went back out to say goodbye to the reindeer.
I think it was Comet and  Vixen who showed up.
 And the fun didn't end there.
We headed on back to Paige and Ken's for a little Christmas celebration.
 The was fire place sitting.
 And card playing.
(Tanner Ross got all growed up and handsome!)
 And dumplin' eating.

And present opening.
 It was a good night.
See Chris yawning up there?
On Friday night, we had us a little impromptu get together at our house.
There was an embarrasing number of Christmas Ales and bottles of wine drunk.
I woke up hungover.
Chris woke up still drunk.
We are so classy.

Today, Chris is playing in a charity corn hole tournament.
As for Ellie and I, we are doing nothing that requires us to leave our pajamas.
Chrismas present preparation and Christmas movies are on the agenda.
With hot cocoa.


Our life in pictures said...

it was just awesome...except that as a classy hostess, I let everyone else win at GIN. I am so good that way!! xo

Marissa said...

sounds like a nice weekend, all in all!