Wednesday, May 25, 2011

morning walk

This morning I decided to bring my camera along on my morning walk.
Cause I am sure you are all dying to see my neighborhood, right?
Well, wish granted.
We live in a very urban area, which took a lot of getting used to for this small town girl.
I love my neighborhood though.
Doesn't feel urban at all.
 The rest of the pictures are some of my favorite houses.
I took these pics quick,
cause it could be construed as creepy for a random woman to be taking pictures of your house.
 Aren't they pretty?
But this next one is my very favorite.
Cause it's mine.
And all my favorite people and things are inside.
(note to self: must buy hanging plants for hooks...)
Thanks for joining me on my morning stroll.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

the rest of the weekend

Ok people.
Sit back.
It's gonna be a long one.

Ellie and I had a super busy day Saturday.
Chris was home recuperating.
But us girls were out on the town!

We started with some breakfast, to fuel us up.
Have you had Paneras jalepeno ham and cheddar bagel sandwich?
Um, it's good.
 Then we played a little soccer.
 Then we hit up a little neighborhood pop up festival.
We painted a rock.
For Daddy.
 And did a little shopping.
Where I scored some cute turquois bangles for $3!
 Then we went to a swim safety class.
(But I didn't get any pics of that.)
Then hit up a bday party.

At the party we:
had a water fight,
 got thirsty,
 found an advantageous spot,
 and hugged the birthday boy.
 Then we went home and had a beer on the front porch.

And as an aside, I love this man.
Love him to pieces.
Love him to the moon and back.
Love him.
Love him.
Love him.
 We slept well that night.

Then Sunday morning Chris wanted to get. out. of. the. house.
And he figured that men who get vasectomies deserve to buy themselves something.
And who was I to argue?
So we headed to Golf Galaxy.
And he retail therapied his little heart out.

Then we went and had some lunch and hit up a park.
At the park we sanded,
 and slid,
 and kissed,
 and made funny faces,
 and rested.
Poor dude was in a little pain here.
 Then we invited ourselves over to Paige and Ken's,
where they served us vojitos,
and homemade pizza.
It was delicious.
 We got to see Nicky P. fresh home from college,
(and the NCAA golf championship, where he was one of 5 college golfers in the nation to get invited, and won freshman of the year.  Yeah.  We're pretty proud of him.)
 After dinner, the ice cream truck came.
 We totally overstayed our welcome.
But that's ok.
We're family.
And it's summer.
Plus, if we hadn't stayed, Paige and I wouldn't have gotten this fantastic picture together.
Ok, maybe it's not the best pic.
But I love her.
And wanted to show her off.
So there.
Thanks for a great night P & K.  We had a fantastic time!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Chris had the big V yesterday.
So, yes, we have finally made the decision on how many babies we will have.
We haven't ruled out fostering or adoption yet,
but this mama doesn't need to be pregnant again.

He is recovering nicely.
Sittin' on his peas.

To give him time to rest, Ellie and I headed to the zoo.
And for some reason or another spent the entire day there.
We go so often, that this is weird for us.
We were just having such a good time though,
that we just kept walkin' and talkin'.
I love my girl.

We got a nice friendly greeting from one of the girls.
 And rode a camel.
 And had some lunch.
 And followed these ducklets (Ellie's term) for, I swear, and hour.
We decided this was our favorite part of the day.
 We walked on a bridge.
 And some rocks.
 And posed with a camel.
She is slightly upset here cause she got the whole bactrian, dromadary thing wrong.
Bactrians have 2 humps.
She thought they had 1.
She doesn't like to get things wrong.
Help me.
 And we hugged a wolf.
It was a fun day at the zoo.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i got nothin'

For real.
I really have nothing to blog about.

Unless you want to hear about the rain.
And how it has driven me to the depths of despair.

Or maybe you would rather hear about my spring cleaning list.
I do love the smell of Murphys Oil Soap and could talk about that.
Still no?

I could talk about the medical bills that came in the mail yesterday.
And how ridiculous some of the charges are.
$65 for a five minute conversation?
Boobs can be expensive if something is thought to be wrong with them.

Oh wait!
I know!
I could talk about the knockdowndragout Ellie and I had a few nights ago.
It was a doozy.
She gets so freaking emotional over the silliest things.
She is testing me.
And I had had enough.
It wasn't pretty.

Or maybe I could discuss the movies I really want to see.
Super 8.
Stupid Crazy Love.
Harry Potter.

Or maybe the 5 books resting on my nightstand.
The last Outlander.
The new Jodi Picoult.
Some smut.
More smut.
I tend to read smut in the summer.

I really have nothing to say.
But I managed to write a longish post in spite of it.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, May 13, 2011


I had a whole post up and disappear.

It was long.

To paraphrase:
It is finally nice here.
We hopscotched.
And planted our stuff.
So there.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Ellie and I got our green thumbs on yesterday.
We got started on our summer planting.
One of my favorite days.
We, of course, started with a little hopscotch.
We went to our local greenhouse and looked around.
 I don't know what these are and I didn't get any.
Cause they looked persnickity.
And I only buy impations.
Cause they are impossible to kill.
But these are speaking to me.
I might have to go back.
 Ellie liked them too.
 But after noticing their prices.
We quickly left.
And headed to Walmartland.
Cause they are much cheaper.
And I have always had good luck with their selection.

I had my work cut out for me.
I spent forever mulching.
I always think I love to mulch.
Until I start to mulch.
Mulching sucks.
It is sweaty, heavy, dirty work.
But the payoff sure is worth it.
 I got all my herbs and veggies planted.
Here we have mint, chives, basil, and lavendar.
Plus a hydrangea I bought.
Her name is Hettie.
And she was $10 cheaper at Walmart.
I have high hopes for her.
 And Ellie's berries came back.
They sat out in this pot all winter.
And looked pitiful.
But they seem just as happy as us to see warm weather.
 And my maters.
Oh boy.
These guys rarely make it in the house.
Off the vine.
In my mouth.
So yes.
Yesterday was productive.
I was a dirty stinking mess.
And my back is achin' today.
But it feels great!

Still have my impations to plant.
And  little more mulching to do.
Cause I always underestimate how much I need.
Every. Single. Year.

And I might have to go back and get those lovelies I left behind.
They are speaking to me.

Monday, May 9, 2011

monday love

Things I am loving today:

being in my own home
the fact that Ellie has an extra 45 minutes of school
fresh salsa in my fridge
knowing Noonie is being well taken care of
my 19 yr old cuz in the NCAA Nationals golf tournament
(love that kid.)
ellie's outfit
a kitty who is furious at us for being gone all weekend
coffee and egg sandwiches

There's more, but this mama has A LOT to do today.