Sunday, October 30, 2011


It was a good one.
I won't even go into Friday night yet, cause it was all Halloweenie and I will do a post on all Halloween stuff tomorrow.

Saturday morning found us lingering over breakfast.
 Lots of pancakes, coffee and good conversation.
Someone likes syrup.
 Then we headed out to see what we could see.
We found this little booger at a nature center.
Meanest bird ever.
Ruled his little pen with an iron fist.
 Then we headed into nature a bit.
I still see a little bit of baby here.
I miss the baby.

 We also headed to the beach.
49 degrees.
So what?

 Then we came home and just relaxed.
When Ellie went to bed, we had what we like to call a "basement date."
Beers, movies, pajamas.
All the fun without sitter fees and uncomfortable shoes.
This date even came with flowers.
 Then, this morning there was coffee for two.
And matching jammies.
There were also kitties laying where they shouldn't be.
(He has me wrapped around his cute little orange paw.)
 Then Ellie and I went to church.
Think I have found one I like.
It was nice.
When you grow up very attached to your small country church, it is hard to assimilate into a new one.
But I want Ellie to know Jesus.
So to church we go.
I was welcomed with open arms.
It is a lot like my home church.
Lots of little old ladies.
And tradition.
And familiar hymns.
Chris promises to go next week.

When we got home we decided to carve our pumpkins.
Ellie lasted about a minute and a half before she informed me the smell was going to make her vomit.
 So she became the photographer.
(I don't like the smell either...)

She was being a pumpkin too.
 Then we headed to the park for a little late afternoon energy burn.

Lord I love that girl.


C. Beth said...

I like your creative pumpkins. I roped hubs into doing the carving this year. It still isn't done, but he's going to do it tonight! :)

Yay, glad you found a church you like. So important to feel like the people there share God's love with you--sounds like that's what you found. I think when it's hard for me to have faith in a God I can't see, it helps me tremendously to have people around me who reflect God's love to me.

Rose said...

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