Friday, October 1, 2010

did a little craftin'

Out there in the wonderful world of blogland, there are hundreds and hundreds of beautiful homemade banners.

Banners where the women lovingly select the patterns they are going to use, sit down at their sewing machines, and sew wonderful creations.

All the whilst, homemade bread is baking in their ovens, organic fresh vegetables are being canned in their kitchens, their knitting sits patiently by the fire, and outside, chickens are laying their farm fresh eggs.

A girl can get a little jealous of all the homemade goodness.
At least, this girl can.
Especially when she can't sew, or knit, or can, or house chickens.

So!  Instead of trying to join in, Ellie and I went in a totally different direction.
Construction paper baby!
All the way!
And while it may not be as cute or trendy, we sure had fun making it.


C. Beth said...

Yeah!! Love it--those are fun to make and make me remember childhood. I need to make one of those with Ana. I think I'll crochet some loops and use those for half of the loops. For the other half I'll bake some bagels from scratch.

Ha ha ha...I think construction paper will do. ;)

Karen said...

I love it! You claim to be "uncrafty" but you have some of the most fun ideas I know. As you know, I've stolen a few - LOL. Keep 'em coming! (Please tell Ellie that Molly loves it, too!)