Sunday, October 17, 2010

pumpkin patch day

If you have been here long, you know of my love for pumpkin patch day.
It's like, my 4th favorite day of the year.

So today, I won't mention, again, all I love about it.


Won't talk about the donuts.
Or the pumpkins.
Or the ponies.
Or the colors.
Or the cute hats.
Or any of that stuff.

Really.  I won't.

I will just post an obscene amount of pictures.

Favorite pic of the day!!


Karen said...

Gorgeous pics!! Your hair's getting so long -- look great! Glad you guys had such a nice time! We had a pumpkin patch day today, too...with friends on Long Island. What a perfect day for it. :)

forever folding laundry said...

I agree - pumpkin patch day is the best. And even better if they sell pumpkin ice cream (which ours doesn't...wah!).

Love the picture of you & your hubby and - or course - the pumpkin hat. Cute!!