Sunday, October 3, 2010


We have had a nice weekend.
It started out having dinner with family.
Always a good start.

Uncle Wayne and Aunt Linda were there. 
2 of my faves.
Love these guys.
Paige and Ken were there too.
They are so in love it is sickening.
They have a good story.  I will have to ask Paige if I can share here with you.
And Izzy.
We love Izzy.
She is 13 and fabulous.
And us of course.
Then on Saturday we had to go get a pumpkin.
Cause we promised we would.
We were supposed to make a whole day of it.
But it was all rainy and yucky.
So we improvised with the little hardward store down the street.
Then we went home.
Put our jammies back on
ate donuts
drank coffee
and milk
played computer games
and watched the Ryder cup.
It was cozy!

Then on Sunday, we watched more golf, watched football, ate tomato soup, played with Ellie, did laundry, and relaxed.

A nice weekend.  Relaxing.  Peaceful.


Due to rain delays, the singles matches for the Ryder Cup are tomorrow.

Someone I know is getting lots of work done in the morning, so when Ellie is in school, she can park her butt on the couch and watch!


1 comment:

C. Beth said...

Love that she's got on a pumpkin hat for the pumpkin-picking. :)

And your aunt rocks the short hair! It kind of makes me want to chop chop chop mine again. But I've been growing it out for so long...can't get rid of it yet.