Friday, October 22, 2010

just stuff

Ellie has been tired lately.  Like, really tired.  Asks to go to bed at 6:30 tired. 
You want to know the important lesson I have learned from this?
Under no circumstances, and I mean NO CIRCIMSTANCES
google "tired 4 year old."
It's not a good idea.
I am convinced she has some hideous disease manifesting itself as tired.
We have a doctors appt. this afternoon
where I know I am going to hear:
"she's just growing."
"she's just adjusting to the new routine."
But until then I am freaking out a little.

In other news:

I am currently addicted to gummy grapefruits and kettle corn.
They are doing a real number on my derriere.

I tried to run this week and my body just guffawed.

Chris is gone, again, and I am enjoying the center of the bed.

Greys was slightly dissappointing last night.

I have a girls night out tonight and need to find out if we are going
"sleek and sophisticated"
"beer and bowling"
A girl needs to plan her outfit.

Just read books 1 and 2 of The Hunger Games.
Teen fiction has come a long way since I was a kid.
Read it!  Good stuff!
Anxiously awaiting the third to become available at the good ol' library.
In the meantime, reading a book about a girl who finds out she is a faerie.
And a book about a man who is looking for his wife that everyone thinks he murdered.
I like variety.

I am very excited for the upcoming holidays and have already bought a present or 12.

Chris and I toured a charter school for Ellie last week and were very impressed. 
Young teachers.  Grading on student character.  Small classes. 
Now, if we can get her in, I can relax on the whole school thing.
I am sicktodeath of worrying about it.

Then when all that school stuff is settled, we can decide what we are going to do to fix up this house.
Cause, if you can't sell it,
love it!

I am currently on my 4th cup of coffee.
While I love the center of the bed, I don't sleep well when Topher is gone.

Topher is a nickname for Chris.
Given to him from the Palladinos.

I had a dream that I totally wrecked a smart car in NYC last night.
What the hell is that all about?

Are you still reading?
Just curious.

I just realized today is Ellie's half birthday.
4 and a half!
Must have a cupcake later to celebrate.

Chris is on a guys weekend.
In the past, things have gotten a titch crazy on this guys weekend.
I think I heard whispers of "rigging a zip line" before they left.
He also left with a full bottle of Petron Silver and 6 cigars.

I love the word "titch."

I am very curious to how this teeny tiny family of mine can gererate so much laundry.

We are out of cat food.
You have seen my cat.  She is enormous.
You don't want her mad at you.
Being out of cat food is a "cat"astrophe.
Pun intended.

I cracked myself up last week at the grocery.
I was buying Ellie's school snack for the class
and I decided on crackers and cheese and tiny pepperoni's.
I got muenster cheese for Halloween.
I seriously stood in the cheese section laughing.
I think people thought I was weird.

Are you still here?
Cause even I am getting a little bored now.

I was home all alone last night and they kept showing previews of
Paranormal Activity 2.
I didn't like that.
That stuff  is scary!

I suggested a game to play with Ellie last week and she told me that it was "lame."
Ah.  The joys of preschool peers.

I have totally given up on the wardobe war of 2010.
The monstrous fights we had were just not worth it.
I would rather put that effort into the food she eats.
Or how she treats people.
I mean really.  What does it matter what Ellie wears?
Even if it looks totally stupid.
Or how many times she changes clothes?
The only rule now is that she has to fold up what she takes off and put it away.
Yesterday she changed clothes 12 times.
That is not an exaggeration.
12 times.
She ended up in blue polkadotted pants, a black long sleeved tshirt, her colts jersey, brown shoes, a dora bow in her hair, and a blueberry hat worn haphazardly.
It looked....great. 

Ok.  I think that is enough randomness. 
I have 47 loads of laundry to fold.
And dishes to do.
And beds to make.
And one more cup of coffee to drink.
And teeth to brush.
And cheeks to kiss.
And cupcakes and catfood to buy.
And a doctors appointment to get to.
Jeminy Christmas!

Happy Weekend!


C. Beth said...

Be sure to update after her appointment!

shelley c. said...

Ditto - please let us know what the doc says. And yes, Google is dangerous when searching for innocuous symptoms. Thanks for the book rec, too - always looking for good stuff to read. Congrats on having the school sitch almost figured out - that is a biggie around here, too... Sounds like a fun morning :)

Shannon said...

I didn't hear anything after kettlecorn. I'm hungry.

Ok, I lied. read and enjoyed the whole thing. I think we should have a fat cat contest. I think I'd win.

Also slightly disappointed in Grey's... Cristina needs a kick in the sourpuss ;o)

Our life in pictures said...

Topher is seriously the best nickname, EVAH!

Lourdes said...

OK, so you can't describe an outfit like that and not post a picture! Lisa was like that growing up and I let her wear(pretty much) anything she wanted, cause I remembered fights with my mom when I was young - and now Lisa will see pictures and say "Why did you ever let me dress that way?" so cool! Also, Lisa and Eric both love the "Hunger Games" series. they had previous enjoyed her (Suzanne Collins) series of "Gregor: books. SO, now I will have to get on the bandwagon. I will start reading them soon. Oh, and Charter Shool - I am so glad you have those options. Are you gonna see "Waiting for Superman"? Education needs it. I have had experience with both public and Charter schools - do not believe in private schools. there are good and bad in both but with parents who are involved, Ellie already has an advantage. BTW, I was not bored. Your blog (your life) makes my day.

forever folding laundry said...

I enjoyed your randomness. That's all that's going on here, too. But random is good.

I hope her appt. went well....


abby said...

I too am reading Hunger Games--halfway through #1. Good isn't it?! I also agree with you about the commercials for Paranormal Activity 2. Enough already, I hate scary movies and all their awful commercials!!