Monday, October 25, 2010

mama got her party on!

When the guys are away...
the wives go out.

And go CRAZY!
(ok, not really, but we had a good time!)

First off, we went to a restaurant I have been wanting to go to forever.
(For the local yokels, that would be Greenhouse Tavern)
Where I feasted on crunchy hominy, curried spagehetti squash, artichoke rositto, etc.

Then we went to a really cool basement bar for more spirits.

Then we went to a comedy show.
Where Jersey Shore wannabe's sat behind us.

Then we went into the Wonder Bar for a cuppa coffee before heading home.


Instead, we had some kind of alcoholic espresso shot thingy
and got our groove on!
Now, I hate to dance.  I totally suck at it.  Think Elaine from Seinfeld.
But apparently, the older you get, the less you care how stupid you look.
And just have fun.

So we danced!

And did a little flirting.
Which I suck at as well.
I am terribly out of practice.
Dudes look at me and know I am so married.
Which is a good thing.

Then we realized it was near 2 am.


Time to go home.

What a night!  Thanks to Megs and Jen for such an adventure!

1 comment:

Riki said...

Fun! I better get an invite next time haha. I have been wanting to go out dancing with some girls for such a long time...