Tuesday, October 28, 2008

where did they go?

For my male readers out there (Phil Deckman and others I might not know about) you might want to skip this one because I am discussing a totally female subject and you might be a little embarrased to read about it.

I heard it would happen. I even expected it. I just didn't know it would bother me so much. What am I talking about you say?

The disappearance of my boobs.

Now, I was never well endowed in the chest area, but I had a nice solid B cup and they were perky. I liked 'em.

Now, not so much. They grew tremendously during my pregnancy and then I nursed for a year (and would have nursed as long as E wanted to, she just woke up one day done). They were nice all during that time.

Then I was a little heavier than I should have been and they were still ok.

Then I lost weight and they disappeared. And are saggy! Eww! I went and bought new bras last weekend and had to get a smaller size. Damn.

Apparently Chris still thinks they are beautiful (or is a good fibber.) I know they served their purpose. They nourised my child, blah, blah, blah. They shouldn't have to make the ultimate sacrifice though! They should be rewarded!

If I ruled the world, the more children you have and the longer you nurse, the better your boobs get. (sigh)


paige said...

boobs, stretch marks, laugh lines...call them badges of honor....maybe makes it easier to take?!? I know that I would gladly give up perky boobs to have those sweet faces look up at me as they nursed...but I love your idea!

C. Beth said...

Oh, man, I wish you were ruler of the world! :-)

I've been nursing for nearly 3 years straight now, including through a pregnancy, and including nursing 2 at once for about 3 months.... I have to admit I'm nervous about how they'll look when Zoodle weans. Considering I started as a 32AA, if they end up smaller, I'll be concave. ;)