Monday, October 20, 2008

an interesting morning

So I mentioned in my last post that that Ellie has a cold. I was so glad when she slept all night last night with NO coughing. What a relief. Or so I thought.

This morning, she woke up, crawled in bed with us and said she didn't feel good. She just kinda laid there moaning. Said her tummy hurt. As also mentioned, she had some loose poops yesterday too, so I thought she just had some residual poops to get out.

Chris left for work and Ellie asked for breakfast, so I went to make it. Nothing heavy, just a banana and some toast. She didn't touch it.

Got back in our bed and insisted I lay with her, or rather, she insisted she lay on me. Fun. She actually fell asleep and I knew then she really didn't feel well.

She slept about 20 minutes, lifted her head and proceeded to SNOT VOMIT all over both of us and the bed. By SNOT VOMIT I mean puke that was purely SNOT.


Hell, no wonder she didn't feel good. She had a stomach full of boogers. 5 minutes later (after I had stripped her, me, the bed, cleaned the carpet, and gagged,) she looked at me and goes "I happy now! I feel better! Now where is my snack?" Since then she has been her normal happy self.

So the lesson learned here is, when your kid has a bad cold and doesn't cough all night long, expect SNOT VOMIT in the morning. Gag.


C. Beth said...

Okay, I'm genuinely sorry you had to go through that, but...

HA HA HA, what a FUNNY post! "SNOT VOMIT"--at heart I'm just a junior high kid who loves bodily fluid humor.

And Ana wants to write a message; I'll let her since she's been sitting here waiting somewhat nicely.


'Nuff said.

Sheila said...

Grossssss! Glad she is feeling better, thought.

Molly said...

Oh my gosh, Tia, you crack me up. Poor thing! I'm glad she feels better anyway!