Monday, October 6, 2008

super vs. slacker

I am reading a great book right now called "You're A Good Mom: and your kids aren't so bad either" by Jen Singer. It is all about finding a balance between SuperMom and SlackerMom. SuperMoms are the ones who always look perfect and volunteer for every thing and bring cookies shaped like Presidents for playgroups. SlackerMoms have gum in their hair, hide at the back of the room during meetings, and forget to bring snacks to playgroups.

Parenting is different then when we were young. There is such a competition between moms. I hate it. I mean, if Ellie doesn't know how to count to 20 in English and Spanish and doesn't know her ABC's by 18 months something is wrong and I am failing as a mother. What in the world is she going to learn in kindergarten? Long division?

As a stay at home mom, parenting is my job and like any job I do, I want to do it right. Only this job is about a trillion times more important than anything I have ever done. I have a friend who thinks I am perfect and is always commenting (nicely) about things I do. I have her so fooled. As far as the extras I do for Ellie, I enjoy them. I don't do them to impress other mothers, I do them because 1. my mother did it for me, or 2. it makes me happy. Below are a few of my Super vs. Slacker tendencies.


1. I cut Ellie's sandwiches in fun shapes. She eats every bite this way and who doesn't want a cheese sandwich in the shape of an angel or a star?
2. I usually look presentable when we go out. I just look so much better with make-up. It only takes a few extra minutes.
3. I have been crafty lately. Felt boards, etc... This is not the norm.
4. Ellie eats pretty healthy. I go out of my way to add veggies to things or to make sure she has a healthy breakfast. Nutrition is a big one for me. The less pre-packaged food the better. I made these extra organic peanut butter and jelly oatmeal bars the other day. Easy Peasy. Very nutritious and good for you. Ellie won't touch them. Thanks to the Itty Bitty Bistro for this one. Let me know if you want the recipe, or just go to Great blog. Lots of good healthy recipes. Maybe your kids will like 'em.

1. I frequently use chocolate chips as a bargaining chip. Like, if I am ready to go inside and she wants to play more outside I casually mention that if we go inside, we can have chocolate chips.
2. I am online way too much while Ellie plays or watches tv.
3. I am not one to volunteer for projects. I let other people do the grunt work. I just don't enjoy it.
4. Ellie is currently only enrolled in storytime at the library. No music lessons, no gymboree, no dance, nada. Gymnastics starts in November though (if we get in). We are only enrolled in that to get us out of the house once a week and because I think E will look adorable in a leotard. Plus Dominique Moceanu teaches there. How cool is that??
5. I forget birthdays. I am horrible about this.

So far I think I have managed to find a happy balance. I can only imagine it's going to get worse before it gets better. We haven't even entered the world of room mothers, school pageants, soccer practice, and piano lessons. Ugh. I get tired just thinking about trying to keep up.
So what are you? Super or Slacker?


C. Beth said...

I related so much to your post so I guess I'm a mixture too!

Sorry Ellie didn't like the bars! Ana loved them. I think I'll make them again today.

Molly said...

That Jen Singer is hilarious...I've loved her website mamma said for years! I'll have to get that book!

(and I think you're a super mom!)