Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ok, so I have complete permission to post this story. Really, I do.

Saturday, I had a baby shower to go to so Chris was in charge of Ellie. He decided to take her in to his office to get a little extra work done. She loves it there. She gets to watch movies from a projector and draw on dry erase boards. Heaven.

So as he is walking in, an elderly security guard mentioned how cute Ellie was and then said it was nice that she got to spend the day with her, (ahem, here is the crazy part) GRANDPA! He thought Chris was Ellie's grandpa! I have been calling him "gramps" or "old man" all weekend. He is 31. We think the security guard was probably thinking of his own grandchild when he said this and just made an honest mistake, because my studly husband does not look like a grandpa!

So comment, let me know how handsome he is. He might need a little ego stoking!


Paige said...

What a hunk, and one of the smartest guys I know...would be my phone a friend!!

Amber said...

I think Mark has that same exact hat. And tell him not to feel bad. A few weeks ago, Mark and I went to visit my grandma. As we were leaving this man started talking to Mark and when I walked up the man said "That must be your mom. You sure have a nice son, ma'am." Talk about feeling old...I'm younger than he is.

Tia said...

Amber, that is marks hat! The pic was taken last Thanksgiving. And there is no way you look like Marks mother. What in the world was that dude thinking??

Molly said... mom got that constantly when I was little! It just means he looks so MATURE that people think he surely isn't so young! :)

C. Beth said...

That's a great picture of him, and he's very handsome!

Totally off-the-wall (and funny) comment from the security guard!