Thursday, October 2, 2008


Money. I H.A.T.E. worrying about money. Now don't get me wrong, we are fine. We have no debt other than mortgage and a car lease and manage to save for college every month but there is not nearly the "expendable income" there once was. Now remember, I am not working. We planned for that but things are going up!
An example: the first time I filled up my gas tank back in 1993 I paid .89 a gallon. Yesterday I paid 3.79. Hello. That sucks.

Another example: Ellie does not like a lot of meat but she loves turkey sausage. The package I buy was 2.99, last week it was 4.69. Organic milk used to be 3.00. Now it is 4.oo. Hello. That sucks too.
A third example: This month our water and sewer bills are TWICE as much as last month.
These times are scary. Thank God we are not near retirement. I would really be freaking out then. We have taken a huge hit in our retirement savings (just like everyone else) and it is really frightening. When I was in Indiana someone told me it is good for our generation to have to sacrifice a little because we never have had to. I agree with that a little. But on the opposite hand...yikes!
So besides worrying, here is what I am doing to save a little and make a little.
1. Selling things on Craigslist. Yesterday I sold a lot of trucks for $5. Score! I supposedly have a gentleman coming tonight to buy an old trundle bed for $75. Double score! I have some interest in a few other things I have posted too. Here's hoping...
2. Shopping at Walmart. I was in there the other day for fall decorations and needed a few groceries. I went and got the sausage mentioned above and it was 2.50. Not on sale. Organic milk is 2.50 there too. That is huge savings. They don't have a huge organic selection and their produce sucks but I am going to have to start buying the staples there. Now why is Walmart a sacrifice? I have just never liked it there. I like to support the small guy. Plus everyone knows that Walmart eats babies.
3. Not buying something just because I like it. This is a toughy for me. Especially things for Ellie. I know it is important to reduce, blah, blah, blah, but I hate thinking over every single purchase and trying to justify it.
4. Collecting and saving spare change. Small, but pennies and nickles add up!
5. Transferring prescriptions back to CVS. I get a $25 gift card just for doing it. Plus $10 the first time I purchase something in Nov. and Dec. Right now my prescriptions are at my grocery for convienience, but with above mentioned prices, I am really going to be doing less shopping there.
6. Sitting here freezing. I refuse to turn my heat on. It is only October 2. It is 63 degrees in the house. This one is foolish and I know it. Ellie's little nose is red!
I know we are better off than a lot of people, and I am very grateful for Chris' very dependable secure job. This blog is just my outlet for relieving stress. I think I am just worried about Christmas and all those expenses. Debt after Christmas is NOT an option.
Thanks for listening to my financial ramblings and worries.
Just for my Indiana peeps. Here is a pic of Ellie. What is a blog without a pic??

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