Sunday, October 19, 2008

pure laziness!

We have had the laziest weekend. Ellie woke up with a cold on Saturday morning (at 2 AM! Didn't get her back to sleep til 5ish!) so we just lounged around all day Saturday and then today we just watched football. We have barely stepped outside even. It was kinda nice except that E was especially whiny (whiney?) She also had a touch of the runs so she kept going around telling us her butt hurt. Poor kid.

However, we did have some notable moments. They are as follows:

1. Chris finally fixed our toilet. It has been running and unusable for weeks. Yea!
2. Ellie is all of a sudden fixated on monsters (Halloween perhaps?) and told me that they say "Bon Jour!" I don't even know where she learned that word.
3. I tried this oatmeal on Saturday but had to throw an entire crock pot out. I think I did something wrong. It was unedible. (Sorry JonahLisa, I think I messed up!) I was so excited about it too. That forced us to have pancakes instead.
4. Ellie changed her mind about her costume and is now going to be a kitty instead of a "little tiny witch."
5. I found 2 new recipes I am going to try. If they are good, I will post 'em.
6. Ellie's new phrase is "I have a problem." We hear that a lot. "Come here Mom! I have a problem!"
7. I had popcorn for dinner Friday and Saturday nights!

And that's about it. Here is another shot of my girl. I just love her so much.

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Sheila said...

Does she watch Dora the Explorer? Loretta has the Dora the Explorer World Adventure and she says Bon Jour on it. Just an idea.

My husband loves oatmeal, but the kids and I don't like it. Hope it works out for you the next time you try.

Yeah for the toilet being fixed.