Saturday, October 4, 2008

pumpkin patch day!

Besides Christmas Eve and my birthday, Pumpkin Patch Day is my favorite day of the year. I mean, I LOVE IT. I have been looking forward to it since about May. Here are some pics of our day. I have set a new blog record and posted 25 pics. You heard that right. 25.

Picking a pumpkin.

She wanted this one.

Ellie and me picking my pumpkin.

Going through a corn maze.

Trying a cider sample. Yum!

Eating a donut. Double YUM!

Daddy enjoys one too.

I mean seriously, look at these. We got 6 pumpkin, 4 apple cider, and 2 maple. 8 of them were gone before we got home. We are going to a party tonight and taking a dozen as a hostess gift. We rock.

One of my favorites of the day. Riding the tractor to the activities.

A cool tree. Ellie wasn't too sure of it. "Spooky tree" she called it.

A ginormous slide that Ellie went down 237 times.

A walk in the woods.

A pony ride. Ellie and CrackerJack.

Free apples are provided.. We brought home more than we probably should have. They are good!

Chris trying his hand at some stilt walking.

Ellie on a rock.

Chris on a rock.

Ellie imitating Chris on a rock.

Getting a spider on her hand.

The finished product.

Our family (with our pilfered apples. SHHH!)

My other favorite of the day. Look at the love!

Drinking some cider on the way back to the car.

Goofy shot.

Goin' home. Another fun year at the pumpkin patch!


Sheila said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had an awesome time. I love your little girl's hat it is so cute.

Sschraed said...

I love pumpkin patch day too..we are going this weekend. I love her little pumpkin hate..where did you find that? Looks like a good time was had by all :)