Tuesday, September 30, 2008

back home again...in Indiana....

We decided on Wednesday to go home on Friday last week. A spur of the moment decision. It was great planning as there was a lot going on at home. We got to see lots of people at the Willis/Deckman reunion and Chris got to play in a really fun golf tourney and I got to putz around Farmland, one of my very favorite things to do! I played kickball at the reunion. I don't remember the last time I played kickball. It was a blast!! I woke up the morning after and my shin hurt and I was like WTH? Then it dawned on me that I had been kicking a ginormous ball the day before. Getting old sucks! Since when does kickball cause sore muscles??

I love it when Ellie spends time with her family. People treat her like she is always there and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I just wish we could spend more time there so she is her real goofy self with them and not her shy2yearoldIdon'tknowyou self. But fun was had by all.

E usually travels quite well but on the way home this time she was over tired and not happy to be stuck in her seat. "We home yet Mommy?" "We home yet??" It was basically her first "Are we there yet's!" I see long car rides in our future. She did finally pass out and sleep right until we pulled in our driveway. BONUS!

Guess what I didn't do bacause I am such a horrible mother...take pictures. Not One. So instead, here is our Virginia Beach vacation that we took this time last year. Look how much she has grown!

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