Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my poor girl

I wish I had some exciting new adventure story to tell you but I don't. We haven't left the house in 3 days due to Ellie's mysterious virus. We went to the doc on Monday and she said it was a virus and her 2 year molars were coming in. The teeth really seem to be bothering her. I got a good look at them and they are a red swollen mess. Poor thing.

She is fine and then she has a 102 degree fever. She is soooooo whiny. I feel so bad for her but at the same time, I am going crazy. It is 10 am and she just told me she wants to go to bed.

Go away yucky sickness!

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Molly said...

Hey Tia!!! Amy just sent me the link to your blog and I have honestly just sat here and read every single entry you have ever are so entertaining! All the ones about your mom made me cry and most of the ones about Ellie and your adventures made me laugh until I cried (especially the grocery store then and now...I have 3 kids...imagine that, won't you?!) Anyway, I hope you don't mind that I am reading your blog! :)