Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"me do it"

This simple little 3 word sentence is probably going to drive me crazy. I am serious. All of a sudden these are the things my big girl must do by "sheself."

1. Get in her carseat. What used to be a 30 second job has turned into a 5 minute ordeal. I must say my car is a little tider because as she painstakingly climbs into her seat, I am throwing away trash, ect...For all you carseat experts out there, I make sure she is properly buckled in before we leave.

2. Put on her shoes. Crocs = no big deal. Easy Squeazy. Sandles = big deal. She can do it, but it takes FOREVERANDADAY. Then she gets mad when I have to tighten the straps. Lately I have asked to admire her handiwork (and tighten the straps in the meantime). This is working for now.

3. Get in the tub. Fun AND dangerous. Where do you draw the line?

4. Brushing her teeth. Yeah and she gets them so clean too! Not. I just take a quick swipe when she is done and call it a day.

5. Brush her hair. Have you seen her hair? There is A LOT of it. And it is a mop! Everytime she does it, the comb gets stuck, crying ensues, detangling occurs, kisses make everything better. When will she learn?

I have a feeling that getting dressed is next. Great. Something to look forward to.

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Molly said...

you're right, and only slightly more annoying than getting dressed herself is picking out her own clothes or demanding to pick them girls argue with me over what I pick out almost every single time....little fashionistas.... :)