Friday, July 18, 2008

being june cleaver

We were at the grocery this morning and cookie mixes were 4 for $6. A good deal. I got chocolate chip, oatmeal, oatmeal chocolate chip and peanut butter. I then realized that instead of buying pre-packaged cookies (that I seriously stood in front of for 5 minutes trying to decide which kind to buy) we could make our own when we got home since we had enough cookie mixes to feed a small army. I then decided that Ellie could help me and we would have a special "mom and daughter" moment.

Enter June Cleaver. I held up all 4 kinds for Ellie to choose from. She choose oatmeal. I then let her turn the oven to 375. Probably not a good idea. Now I am going to have to make sure the oven isn't randomly turned on. Then we spent at least 3 minutes picking just the right bowl to mix in. Then SHE had to tear the package and pour the mix into the bowl. Then SHE wanted to break the egg (um, don't think so) and SHE wanted to stir, which she did. That is the fun part anyway. She is a very tidy baker (just like her mama) and we had a nice morning baking. Here is a picture montage what what went down.

Mix, mix, mix!

Putting them on the sheet to bake!

Doing the dishes like a good baker...or making a mess playing in the we wait for them to bake.

Out of the oven. Are they cool enough to eat?

Yep! Sure are! Sharing with Mommy.

Happy Friday!

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Molly said...

that's so cute, she is just your clone......I see a little bit of Chris every once in a while, but mostly......just you-- TiaBeth!