Monday, June 30, 2008

one of those nights

We has such a relaxing day yesterday, just kinda hung out, went to the zoo for a bit, organized a lot of stuff (that's a whole other post) and just chilled.

Ellie was fine all day and ate like a horse. She took a 3 hour nap even which is awesome! She went to bed around 9 and Chris and I watched a few episodes of our new fave show...Dirty Jobs. That guy is so funny. And cute!

At 12:22, just as I was about to fall asleep I hear "MOMMY!!!" and then lots of crying. As a mom, you quickly learn the "mommy?"s from the "MOMMY!!!"s. This was definitely a "MOMMY!" I swore under my breath (or out loud, maybe) and rush into her room. It was dark so all I feel at first was wet. I thought she was bleeding, maybe a nosebleed or something. I rush over to tun on the light. It was not blood. It was, you guessed it, vomit. Now, while vomit is much safer than pounds of blood, I still was not relieved. It was all over her pillow, her bed, her jammies, in her hair, everywhere. Of course, all she wants is to be comforted, and all I want is to not puke myself.

I start stripping her pajamas off and stripping her bed while Chris starts the bath. God bless my husband, he got in the tub with her to wash the chunks out. He wanted to make her feel better and not so scared. He is such a good daddy. Luckily I was down in the basement putting the barf covered stuff in the washer and missed all the chunks in the tub.

By 12:45 am she was clean. She still smelled a little funky, but what are you gonna do. We put her in her crib and said a prayer that there would be no repeat offense. There wasn't. The other good part was that none of her loveys (yellow sunshine, blue sunshine, or sherbert) were hit in barf-fest 2008. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful.

She woke up with fever though and now I am trying to decide if I should give her Tylenol even though she won't eat anything or wait til she eats to medicate her. This mom stuff is hard. Especially when vomit is involved.

1 hour has elapsed from above story to now...

Ok, gave her the tylenol at 8:42 and at 8:50 she wanted to go downstairs to play. My kid is a tylenol junkie.

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