Monday, July 21, 2008

weekend fun

We had a fun little weekend. Hot! But fun. Friday night a neighboring 'hood was having what I thought was a carnival so we got Ellie all excited about going on all the rides and what she was gonna ride etc... We get there and it was pathetic. Just little po-dunk games, no rides. They did have a bouncy area so she and Daddy did have some fun in that. I just love the look on her face in this pic. It should be noted that Chris was wearing his BRAND NEW, EXPENSIVE (but on sale) LACOSTE t-shirt. You know, the ones with the little aligator on them? The man is a maniac about his t-shirts. It was soaked through in less than a minute. He handled it pretty well though.

So since we got her all hyped up about rides and it was all she was talking about, we decided to try and find some. There is a place near us called the Memphis Kiddie Park. We have been meaning to go for some time and have just never gotten around to it. This place rules!
No admission fees
You get 25 tickets for $20 bucks
Rides are one ticket each
Tickets never expire
Adults (or anyone over 50 inches for that matter) can only ride 3 rides
It is basically a carnival for toddlers.

Here she is on the merry-go-round. Parents don't have to pay a ticket to ride. How cool is that?

I posted this pic, not to show my pasty white skin, or my vulgar display of thigh (did I mention it was HOT this weekend??), but to show how small these rides actually are. This is the roller coaster that Ellie loved! I was miserable. The kid running it acutally had to show me how to sit in it so the bar would close. Fun times.

The airplanes. These things went HIGH. She is a little daredevil.

and of course some putt-putt. This was in a nice shaded area. She just ran around while Chris and I tried to play.

As mentioned, it was a nice family weekend. I love my little family so much.

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