Thursday, July 3, 2008

Still sick

Pitifulness personified. She says her tummy hurts. She just walks around trying to get comfortable. She'll sit on my lap, then sit on her chair, then lay on the bed. There is also lots of moaning and groaning. It is seriously the most pitiful thing I have ever seen.

Since Sunday she has had 3 pretzel sticks, 3 drinkable yogurts, 4 blueberries, 1 chicken nugget, 4 bites of mac and cheese, a few licks of ice cream, and water. That is all. Luckily she is drinking great and is not dehydrated but the kid has to be starving. I did take her to get a milkshake today just to get some calories in her and she had 3 sips. She just doesn't want to eat. You can just tell she doesn't feel good. Poor girl.

This needs to go away already. It's no fun at all. I want to get back to my fun blogging about all the neat things we are doing, not discussing symptoms!

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