Monday, July 7, 2008


This was my day yesterday and I am not exagerrating even a little. Yes, I am tooting my own horn.

made breakfast
spring cleaned the dining room
went for a hour walk with ellie
filled up the pool and she swam while I cleaned the garage
made lunch
walked 6 miles as part of my training
got all the rummage down from the attic and moved it to the basement and it was at least 20 trips down 2 flights of stairs with lots of heavy stuff.
sorted all baby clothes I am selling

It doesn't look like all that much written down. But trust was a lot.

Today I marked all remaining rummage while ellie played with the little girl down the street. Did I even mention I was having a rummage sale this weekend? Lord help me, it had better be worth it!

Could I be any more productive? (Friends viewers will recognize the Chandler Bing in that one!!)


Molly said...

My heavens, girl, I hope you slept well after all of that! :)

(Chandler Bing reference noted and appreciated!!!!)

abby said...

Man! That is good! I am usually productive before lunch, but after that I tend to get distracted, or just poop out.

Molly said...

You forgot something! Chicken sandwich, Mt. Dew and MUNCHOS! Can't forget the Munchos!!!!! :)