Tuesday, July 8, 2008

important firsts

Two important firsts happened in the last few days.

Number one, Ellie went golfing! (ok, technically, Chris took her once before, but this is the first time I went so this is what counts). There is a great learning center about 10 minutes from our house that welcomes and encourages kids to come out. It is even where Ellie will join First Tee next year when she is old enough. I really want Ellie to like golf. It is such a great sport and Chris and I have had so much fun in the past golfing together.

Cleveland public schools being what they are (horrible, pitiful, sucky, etc...), we will be looking into alternative school choices for Ellie. I have visions of her getting a golf scholarship to the exclusive all girls private school on the east side, Hathaway Brown. Honest to goodness, the cafeteria at this school offers only organic food and it has real oak tables with high backed chairs and a fireplace. It is hoity-toity! I could go on and on, but that is another post. In reality, we could never afford this school, but let me tell you...it is pretty nice. Back to this post now...

Putting with Mommy's putter.

Like father, like daughter!!

Fundamentals are key.

The second important first of the week is that Ellie created her first Mr. Potato head. It is pretty good if I do say so myself. Even Snow White and Cinderella are impressed.

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Molly said...

that is so cute!!!! Morgan got a pair of Barbie Golf Clubs for her 6th birthday! You'll have to get some for Ellie!!! They are TOO cute!

And yes, you are one of my new favorite blogs from one of my old favorite people! :) (Well YOU aren't old, but you've been one of my favorite people for a long time...like 16-17 years? Is that possible?!?!?!?!)