Friday, June 29, 2012

did you know?

Did you know:
That a squirrel can't run and  breathe at the same time?
That's why they stop mid-run.
Poor things are breathing!

Did you know:
That my husband has dropped oodles of weight lately?
I am seriously crushing on him.

Did you know:
That I chose a random picture without looking at it to put here?
This was the one I got.

Did you know:
That it is, like, 320 degrees here today.
It's freaking hot.

Did you know:
The word, NERD, was first coined by Dr. Suess in "If I Ran a Zoo.?"

Did you know:
That I have lots of kitchen work to do today.
Baking and such.
I am in the mood for that.
So it all works out.

Did you know:
That these girls are Ellie's oldest girlfriends?
We love them.

Did you know:
That I am doing a warrior dash in August?
I really need to start running more.
I am running some, but I need to work back up to a 5k not being a big deal.
Right now, 3 miles = big deal.

Did you know:
The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets?

Did you know:
That I am seriously considering a tattoo?
It would be of a tiny robin.
Somewhere that no one would never ever see it.
In honor of my mama.

Did you know:
That this is what Ellie looked like at one and a half?
Where did that little baby go?

Did you know:
That in an average lifetime a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator?

Did you know:
That if you are reading this, I like you?
Even if I don't know you.

 Did you know:
That coach came up to us last night and asked if he was doing everything right by our kid?
She is the youngest (BY FAR) on the team.
He sees an athlete in her.
My dad played baseball into his 40's.
It totally skipped me, but I think she got it.

Did you know:
That I love this man?

I think you probably knew that one...


Shannon said...

Cute post! LOVE that pic of tiny Ellie :o) Also, I think you should get the robin on the side of your torso; under your arm. That way, mama's always hugging you :o) Just do a silhouette of the bird... maybe with the shadow of a woman. Just my thoughts!

C. Beth said...

I like the robin idea too. :)

So that's why squirrels run into the road and stop?! It's not just to cause car accidents? Hmm. Sounds like some fancy squirrel PR to me. ;-)

abby said...

Loving your new blog header. I need to re-do mine! Also, that 1 1/2 year old picture of Ellie is to die for cute. Always enjoy your writing :)

Denise said...

it is nice to be liked, especially by someone that does not know me. :-)

my husband recently lost 15 lbs...i totally get the crush'n on your husband thing.

i like tats.

i didn't know the "nerd" thing. i'm going to tell my kids and they will think i am cool and know interesting stuff. i'm also going to tell them about the squirrel and aglets.

misskri said...

Love the tattoo idea, I think you should definitely do it.
I never knew that about squirrels! I can't wait to share my new found knowledge!