Wednesday, June 27, 2012

stuff and things again

I have a lot to talk about.
And nothing to talk about.
All at once.

These are the types of posts that I most like to read whilst reading other blogs.
Your thoughts?
What kinds of posts do you prefer?

This boy.
He is the guarder of my feet at night.
Every morning this is where I find him.
He is such a corker.

 We seem to have 3,216 things going on this summer.
And swimming lessons.
And playdates.
And this.
And that.
It is making it go way too fast.

Is it just me or is anyone else eating their weight in fresh fruit this summer?
I cannot get enough.
Yesterday alone I had a peach, watermelon, ranier cherries, green grapes, and cantalaupe.
I also had a snack cake.
But I digress.
I love me a good snack cake.
But you can feel your arteries clogging as you finish one.
That's probably not a good thing.

So, remember last year when I had a little scare with my boobies and had to have biopsies and such?
Well, ever since then, I have had pain in both of them.
So at my annual visit, my midwife told me I needed to get it checked out again.
So, bright and early Monday morning I headed to the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus for some
boob squishing   mammograms.
I am lucky that my main hospital is the Cleveland Clinic.
It's a good place.
All is well, no immediate reason for the pain.  It was labeled as "indeterminate."
Apparently I am still healing.
15 months later.
I do have to go back in 6 months to check on one tiny place.
But they don't seem overly concerned.
So I am going to try not to be either.
An as an aside, no less than 15 people saw me topless.
Always a good way to start a Monday.

We are taking a little mini vacation and going to a friends cottage on an island this weekend.
Doesn't that make us sound fancy?
That we have friends with a cottage on an island?
I see campfires and lake swimming and hobo pies in my immediate future.
Sis is beside herself with excitement.
One of her little school friends is the owner of said cottage.

Speaking of friends, have I mentioned lately how much I love mine?

This Friday, I got invited to a special event at Anthropologie.
Every year they choose a non-profit and support them.
On Friday night, the doors are shut to the public,
and are open for only its best, most spendy customers.
A percentage of the proceeds go to the non-profit.
There will be champange and "Horse derves."
(I can never spell that word and I am too lazy to look it up right now...)
They happen to be supporting my friend Megan's non-profit, so I got an invite as her friend.
I am going to go and pretend I am filthy rich.
I know.
Don't be jealous.
Maybe someday you will meet Megan and get invited to these fun things too.

I took my friend Lisa to the airport yesterday and then stayed with her 3 children for a bit until grandma showed up.
I really don't know how mom's with more than one do it.
Her kids are fantastic and well behaved and fun, but they all three wanted to do something different, and they are all 4 or younger, and the baby needed fed, and the 2 year old wanted pushed on the swing, and the oldest wanted juice, and I was tired after 30 minutes.
You mom's are superheroes.
Ellie was a huge help.
"Mom! You push Darren on the swing and I will make sure Michael doesn't run into the street and here is Reagan's binkie."
She was on it.
I was sincerely grateful that she was there.
Love that girl.

That is all.
Happy Wednesday!

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forever folding laundry said...

I have great friends, but apparently I am
lacking in two groups:
those that own a cottage on an island
and those that get me invited to
swanky, invitation-only anthro events.

How can I remedy this??