Thursday, June 7, 2012

no more kindy

It's official.
She's a first grader.

When did that happen?

After the ceremony we went back to the classroom for snacks and pictures.
Here she is with her twin.
And two handsome boys, Andrew and Lance.
And another handsome boy, Adrian.
And another handsome boy, David.
And some girl friends, Natalie and Isabella.

And her teacher, Ms. Murray.
Who, by the way, is a fantastic teacher.
She really pushes the kids.
But in a good way.
I am really amazed at what Ellie learned this year.
It is staggering.
Then today was the very last day of school.
It was a fun day with relays and bounce houses and popcorn and giant candy land.
I was there all day, manning the obstacle course.
I am exhausted.
I don't know how teachers do it.
For. Real.
Then, what is the last day without a water fight?
I proclaimed myself the photographer.
Cause that water was freaking freezing.
Then she played in the dirt.

And promptly passed out.
She was pooped.

It was a great year.
A wonderful start to her educational years.
I am happy.


C. Beth said...

I'm so glad it was a great year! Chickie's kinder year was wonderful too. I agree; it's amazing to see how much they learn just during those nine months!!

Shannon said...

Ellie found her doppleganger! Lucky girl :o) Amazing how much they look alike. Then you said Ellie with her teacher and I thought you were talking about the next photo (you and Ellie) and I about flipped out at how much the teacher looked like you... until I realized that it was you. ;o)

Megan said...

Aww, thanks for the nice words! Love the pictures of all the kids. I'm going to miss them all so much! Ellie is such a sweetheart. Have a wonderful summer!