Thursday, June 14, 2012

summer grumbles

I love summer.
I love the flowers.
 And the plants.
And the green.
And the birds chirping in open windows.
 And the sun.
 And the warmth.
 I love the lazy mornings.
And extra cups of coffee.
And sprinkler running in the front yard.
And swimming.
And dinners on patios with friends.
And beers on the front steps.
I love flip flops.
And sundresses.
And mint toe nail polish.
And early morning jogs.
And lightening bugs.
 But there are a few things about summer that  just about drive me crazy.

1.  Applying sunscreen every 22 minutes.
Not really.
But it seems that way.
And she always burns anyway.
How do you keep that area under the eyes from burning?
She would be ok if it weren't for her silly goggles.
The putting on and taking off and putting on and taking off tends to wipe away even zinc.
She burns there all summer long.

2.  Dirty feet.
While this is great in theory, my carpets beg to differ.
We have a no shoes on the carpet policy.
In the summer, we barely wear shoes.
And we can't take off our feet.
And I often forget to wipe them down before she scampers upstairs for something.

3.  Watering.
So far I have managed to be gone enough in the evenings and Chris has done it for me.
I don't know what it is about watering my garden.
But I don't like to do it.
Uncoil the hose, get wet feet, spray everything down, fill the watering can, carry it around to the front to water petunias and impatiens, get wetter feet, refill can to water new lilac bushes, recoil hose.
It should be relaxing.
It is not.

4.  On the same note: Weeding.
The weeds are overtaking the garden.
When the world ends, the only things left are going to be cockroaches and weeds.
I have not given up the fight yet.
I got so rigorous the other night, I may or may not have pulled up some cucumber plants.
I don't know what cucumber plants look like though, so I'm not sure.
I'm new to this whole "actual garden" thing.

I know these are just terrible awful problems to have.
Poor me.

And ps.
She didn't need a new suit.
Not even a little.
But I fell in love with this one from H&M.
I wish it came in my size.


Marissa said...

Love the suit! Wish I had a girl...

shelley c. said...

Oh my gosh, I have to check out H&M and find that suit.
And I'm with you on that under-eye burn spot. SO frustrating.

Denise said...

i love lazy summer mornings, too... and that swim suit! stink'n cute.