Sunday, June 3, 2012

so you think you can dance?

A few months ago, Ellie caught me watching Toddlers and Tiaras.
(Once it's on, I can't look away, it's like a horrible car accident you see on the side of the road.  You don't want to look, but you always do.)

Here was the following conversation.

Ellie:  Mommy!  Those girls look so pretty! 
Me:  You think?
Ellie:  Yes!  I want to do that!.
Me:  (laughing) No way Jose, not ever in a million years.
Ellie:  (looking crestfallen): Why not?
Me:  (feeling about an inch and a half tall): Um, because it's really expensive, and um, I don't know where one is, and um, you want to go outside and play???
Ellie:  Yeah!
*disclaimer: I have nothing against people who do pageants, just don't personally want any single part of it!!

So I totally dodged the conversation at that moment and distracted her with sidewalk chalk.
But that got me to thinking.
She really does love to perform.
I don't know where she gets it, but she does.
The thought of getting up on a stage turns my knees to jelly, but my girl digs it.

So a few days later I asked her if she would maybe want to take a dance class that involved a recital.
Where she got to go up on stage and perform.
She said YES!! before I even got the whole sentence out.

Fast forward 4 months and last night was her first recital.
She looked like this.

 I mean, how cute is that??
I wasn't really big on her pretending to show her belly, but maybe I am just way behind on current dance fashion??
But she was precious, regardless.

She wasn't nervous.
Not even a little.
We had to got to sit through 31 other performances before it was her turn.
I was surprised at how nervous I was for her.
But there was no need.
She shook her stuff, not missing a single beat.
My heart swelled.
She is brave, my girl.

We had lots of people come watch.
It really meant a lot that they came out on a Saturday night to support her.
We love you guys.
 So we are not dancing over the summer.
As we are softballing and swimming.

I don't know if we will dance next fall either.
It's really expensive!
And, I'm not gonna lie, some of the mom's are super serious.
And a little scary.
But she had such fun.
So we might :)
Time will tell.

 It was a super fun night.
Hopefully, she wants to be a cowgirl for Halloween next year...


shelley c. said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of her marching up the steps (or whatever they really are...) is AWESOME. I am so glad she did it and loved it!!

C. Beth said...

Awesome. I'm glad she got a chance to perform. :) And yeah, I know those costumes are expensive, so I hope you get a 2nd use out of it in october!

Shannon said...

So cute! J is starting tap in the fall. I tapped for eight years... can't wait!!!