Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So we have these friends.
They are new friends that we met through the girls.
Ellie and Natalie are besties.
And met in school.

Don't you just love new friends?
You get to talk about all the stories all your other friends already know.
And learn new things.
And so on and so forth.

these new friends own a cottage on Pelee Island.
Which is the southern most Canadian Island in Lake Erie.

We got invited for a visit.

it is heaven up there.
They have found themselves a great little piece of property right on the lake.
And I loved every minute I was there.

I think the best way to go about talking about the vacation is to do a

So here you go.

1.  The Ferry.
We all loved the ferry.
But don't ask me to go below deck again please.
I might throw up.
(That is Cedar Point in the background.  Chris rode that behomoth coaster 2 summers ago.  The one that goes straight up and comes righ back down.  He is crazy.)
 2.  Having a rainbow start our vacation.
How cool is that?
Oh.  And this is the view from their back deck.

 3.  Spending lots of time with this guy.
With no phones.
Cause there were Canadian roaming charges and such.
I didn't miss my phone.
At all.
Matter of fact, I was sad to turn it back on.

 4. Skinning dipping.
I did it.
The boys were up at the cottage putting the girlies to bed.
And Yvonne and I did it.
It was dark.
And I mentioned how terrified I was of swimming in dark lakes, and Yvonne mentioned that she had never skinny dipped at the lake,
and one thing led to another,
and we were naked in the lake.
It lasted about 2 and a half minutes,
but we did it.
Check it off the bucket list.
 5.  The lake itself.
Good grief is it ever gorgeous up there.
And the water was co clear.
You could see your feet even when you were up to your chest in water.
However, there are water snakes.
Not a fan.
But I only saw one.
And they are harmless.

 6.  Swimming.
I wasn't sure how Ellie would take to the lake.
She is used to nice clean pools.
But she jumped right in like she has been doing it her whole life.
They swam so hard on Monday morning, they were napping by 11:30.
In the am!

 7. Beach lounging.
Who doesn't love a good beach lounge every now and then?

 8. The winery.
I have been to a few winery's in my day, but this one might be my very favorite.
No joke.
It's good stuff up there.
We got a loaf of bread and a hunk of cheese and split a bottle.
I got a few Pelee Pinks to bring home.
And a spicy red for the winter.
I think the rose wine is making a comeback.

 9.  The beach fire we managed to keep going the 3 days we were there.
It was good stuff.
I have never had a campfire on the beach before.
I really, really, really hope that wasn't my first and last one.

 10. Our hosts.
These people know how to host.
The whole weekend was comfortable and easy and fun.
Thank you Eric, Yvonne, and Natalie.
We had the very best time!

 11. I know I said 10 reasons.
It's my blog.
I can do what I want.

The beach glass!
There's good findings up there!
I went for a jog walk when we got home and I found myself looking on the sidewalks around my neighborhood for beach glass...

 12.  Getting out of dodge for a bit.
We needed it.
I'm a fan of Pelee Island.

Be on the lookout for a series of photos Chris took of himself.
They are hysterical!
And deserve a post all their own.
I don't know why he does it.
He knows they are going to end up on here.

Silly boy.


abby said...

Beautiful pictures Tia! Makes me want to go on vacation!

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness... I am so jealous! Wonderful pics!!