Monday, June 11, 2012

first summer weekend


If we have many more weekends like this one...
we are going to pass out from exhaustion by July 4th.

I am not even kidding.

It all started Friday with a golf clinic.
She is on her way to being the next big thing.
I can feel it.
(As an aside, when they asked her name for her name tag, she said Elizabeth.  I looked at her with cocked eyebrows and she was all "what?? I am Elizabeth today!" Ok, then.)
After that we took Nat for a few hours so her mom could get some things done.
We lunched at Chipolte...
and played some game where turtles took over the world.
 Then she spent the night at Nat's house and Chris and I headed over to the Palladino's for a patio party.

 The Host.
 The Hostess.
 They know how to throw a party, those two.
It was nice.
I would like to say things got all wild and crazy.
But we were asleep by 11:30.

Then on Saturday we paraded the circle.
Which basically means, that we, along with 75,000 other people sat in the sun and baked and watched the slowest parade in the history of mankind.

We started out on Lolly the Trolley, who took us to the parade and provided entertainment along the way.
 And we got awesome views of the city.
Like this one.
 And this one.
 Some blessed shade before the parade started.
 And a lemon slushie thing kept us cool as we waited.
 I know I complained up yonder a bit.
I shouldn't have.
But it was so stinking hot.

It really was a great parade.
All homemade floats.
Lots of kids.
And musicians.
It's how a parade should be.

 We didn't like her.
She scared us.

 Did I mention it was hot?
 On the way back home, Lolly the Trolley lulled her right to sleep.
 Once back in Gordon Square, we popped in to visit our friend Nicole in her pop up shop.
We crafted.
And promised to be back this week when we weren't too pooped to party.
 We did feel better after we lunched at this gorgeous patio.
Which by the way, to get to, we had to scrunch through bushes and roll under gates.
It was a urban hike, if you will.
 With these gorgeous people.
 And some fun ice cream always makes things better.
 I think I may have found the Jerry's of Cleveland.
It is a teeny tiny outside ice cream place.
With Kiddie cones and such.
Only they offer hummus.
And lots of different sorbets.
Like Grapefruit.
We will be going back...
Thanks for the tip Joneslers!

That was just Saturday.

On Sunday, we paraded with her baseball team to fire up for the season.
Then hit up a pool party for a friend.
Where we managed to wile away the afternoon.
There would be photos, but apparently photo taking at the pool is frowned upon...

She fell asleep at 6:30 on the way home.
And woke up at 8:15 this morning.

She asked for a snack.
I asked her if she meant breakfast.
She was confused.
She had no idea she had slept the whole night.

Silly girl.

So, see what I mean?
It was a whirlwind weekend.


It looks like I haven't been in my house all weekend.
Except to throw one bag down and grab another.
There are wet bathing suits here and there.
And I can spy no less than 4 bottles of sunscreen.

So, today.
I have the grocery.
And bathing suits to pick up.
And clothes to fold.
And goggles to buy.
And a kitchen floor to scrub.
And so on and so forth.

And someone is begging to go to the pool.
It's gonna be a good summer.


Shannon said...

Sounds like a blast! Don't you love when the summer fun makes the kiddos sleepy :o)

Our life in pictures said...

um, for the record...the patio party lasted until 2:00 am. I, as the hostess, cannot in good conscience let people think that we were asleep by and Toph are just old. That is all. Please print a disclaimer.

fleetfeet said...

Mine have been doing that, too! They don't know if it's morning or night or if they slept through the night or just had a nap or even if they ate their breakfast. Ahhh...summertime!

C. Beth said...

Sounds fantastic.... You have a way of bringing magic to every day when you write.