Friday, June 15, 2012


I have 2 disclaimers to discuss.

1.  In the post where I discussed the party and showed the host and hostess and so on and so forth...
I think it was 2 posts ago...
I mentioned it wasn't a wild and crazy night.

The hostess took offense.
Nearly disowned me as a cousin.
Hasn't spoken to me since.
Refuses to take my calls.
Put an ad in the paper about what wusses we are.

I jest...

The party was completely wild and crazy.
When we left, we had no kid for the night, so we planned to get all wilder and crazier.
We went home...
(and we were the first to leave)
and went to sleep.

Party = Wild and Crazy!!!
Home Afterwards = Not wild and crazy.

There Paige.
Your reputation for wild party girl is saved!


2.  My last post had no less than 3 grammatical errors.
I pride myself on correct spelling and such.
My bad.
My very very bad.
All has been fixed.


That is all.

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