Tuesday, December 6, 2011

some stuff

I have some randomness I need to get off my chest today.
Just stuff that fits no where else, that you may or may not find humerous.

For example...
I am slightly phobic of smart cars.  You know, the ones that look like this:
I get the heebeegeebees just looking at it.
I had a dream once that one chased me through the streets of NYC.
Without a driver.
It had a mind of it's own.
Damn Christine.
There was one in the grocery store parking lost this morning.
Parked far away from the other cars.
Freaked me the heck out.

Ellie has this weird new habit of randomly laughing hysterically.
It is weird.
"Hey Ellie, go pee before we leave."

I am making this potato thingy for my book club meeting tomorrow that calls for a lemon sauce you pour over it.
Recipe here:
I stood at the grocery for 5 minutes mulling over the parsleys.
I even asked a clerk for help.
I went with the Italian.
Even though it was .10 more.
I am a rockstar.

I am also making these...
Just an FYI.

I am helping out at school this week at the Gift Boulevard.
Kids bring $$ and buy crap stuff for their loved ones.
I was helping this little girl yesterday.
Her envelope had $20 in it and a note that said,
"She may spend the money on whatever she wants."
She bought every single girly toy thing there.
I asked who was on her list.
She mentioned her brother and her grandpa.
I asked what she was going to give them out of her pile.
Her brother was getting a hair bow.
Her grandpa, some Hello Kitty nail polish.
I mentioned that maybe we might want to look around a little for something else to give them,
"Oh no.  They will love this.  Trust me."
Her mother is gonna be mad.

I bought stamps today for my Christmas cards.
I asked the lady behind the counter for 4000.
She kinda looked at me all, "huh??"
I smiled.
Told her I only needed 125 but it sure felt like 4000.
She didn't find it funny.
I still chuckle when I think of the look on her face.

Ok, that is all I think.
I gotta go wrap some presents and put 4000 stamps on 4000 envelopes.

Love and stuff.


shelley c. said...

a) that girls mom deserves it for giving her $20 and saying she can get what she wants. IMHO.
b) I so feel you on it feeling like 4000!! I would have laughed. Even if I worked at the post office. :)

Lisa said...

Laughed out loud (for real) when I read the story about the stamps. I can imagine the look on the clerks face. Hahaha!