Thursday, December 8, 2011

book club regroup

Before I even start this post, forgive my poor little camera.
She is working her poor little dying heart out.
All pics from now until I get a new one are going to, well...suck.
My book club had a busy year.
3 of us (and by us, I mean them) had babies! 
And another of us (and by us, I mean them) is pregnant!
What do new moms not have time to do?
Read books.
We are taking the next year and switching things up.
Whoever's turn it is, picks the activity for the night.
Could be dinner and a movie.
Could be drinks and apps.
Could be a quilting bee.
Could be a 5k.
Whatever they want.
We had to get together and discuss this important switcharoo.
With delicious food and drink of course.
The festivities even warranted a fire.
 Good grief these girls can cook.
We had mini crab cakes,
and prochutto wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese,
and stuffed mushrooms and squash,
and little crusty pockets filled with meat and cheese goodness,
and cheese puffs,
and lemon pototoes,
and brocolli cheddar muffins.
For dessert there was
and peppermint cookies,
and eggnog covered almonds,
and apples and caramel.
I think I gained 10 pounds.
 We talked and laughed and shared stories.
And kept Ellie up.
She kept telling Chris we were being entirely too loud.

 Lisa told a story which will go down in history as the funniest story I have ever heard.
(That is Lisa above, far left. Gorgeous girl.)
I would repeat it here, but I think she might kill me if I did.
But, trust me when I tell you, it was legen (wait for it) dary!

Another story was also shared.
And it was a doozie.
One of us (and by us, I mean them) went to a dinner party last weekend.
 A woman at the dinner party just stood up in the middle of it and vomited everywhere.
And she wasn't drunk.
Can you even imagine that?
The storyteller said everyone just froze.
Didn't know what to do.
The awkwardness and horror of it all.
I would die.
And then probably vomit on top of her vomit.
It was a funny story that got even funnier when she said Windex was used to clean it up.

And we talked a lot about vaginas.
I mean, 3 of us (and by us, I mean them) just had babies.
Vagina talk was bound to happen.
When I went upstairs, Chris said
"I kept hearing the word vagina.  Why was there so much talk of the vagina?  I was uncomfortable."

We also did our annual gift exchange, which is simple.
Pull a book off your shelf, wrap, and regift.
I got Me Talk Pretty One Day, which I had never read.
It was a fun night!
I love love love to entertain.
And then everyone leaves,
and I hate to entertain.
There wasn't even much of a mess this time, but it still sucks to clean up.

And a PS.
When Paige heard my book club wasn't going to be reading for a year,
she declared that unacceptable and pulled me into hers.
So, no worries, I am still reading.
(As if you can ever stop me.)
We just read this:
Drop what you are doing and go read it.
I mean it.

Are you still here?
I am not kidding.


Lourdes said...

fulnedGirls just tend to have fun together...glad you have this wonderful group of girl friends. BTW, You will LOVE "Me Talk Pretty One Day" parts of it are lengendary at our house. to your suggestion..i WILL read it. Thanx. Merry Christmas!

Lourdes said...

Oops - that first (fulned) was the verification word - how did it get on my post??? Too funny...

C. Beth said...

That club just sounds SO awesome....

Molly said...

Me talk pretty is a funny book! I wish I lived closer so I could be in your book club!!!!!