Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Our sneaky little elf is back.
He has been especially feisty this year.
(Thanks to pinterest...)

So far, we have found him swinging from the chandelier.
 And the mistletoe
 Ellie is so into it this year.
Pardon the hideous picture, but here is her face when she came around the corner and found him.
 One night, we was particularly naughty, and we found him in her booster seat in the car.
With an empty Christmas Ale.
Shame on you, Benjamin.
Stealing a beer and sneaking out to the car to drink it.
He was in serious trouble that day.
So, the next day, he left Mr. Chris an apology letter, and a book for Ellie.
 And he must have still felt bad, cause the next night, he finished my Christmas cards.
After that, he was forgiven.
 We have found him fishing for goldfish.
 And reading to Ellie's animals by the Christmas tree.
 Thank you, Benjamin, for making my girls' holiday a little merrier.
We have also found him sitting on a box of Santa tissues,
buried in the stuffed animals, who were hiding a huge jug of animal crackers,
and hanging from the upstair hallway light.

Who knows where he will pop up next.
You never can tell.
He also has a few more surprises to leave.
(Hello, first chapter book!)

I love Benjamin.
He's a good ol' elf.

1 comment:

C. Beth said...

That's adorable.

So, he's fishing for Goldfish, using "one of their own" as bait? An elf encouraging pescatory* cannibalism. Hmmm. ;-)

*I'm not sure this is a real word.