Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas recap

It was a whirlwind.
It always is.

But is started out nice and slow.
Christmas Eve was just us.
We saw a movie
(We Bought a Zoo,  Good!)
we had a nice dinner,
we played SORRY!,
we had a fire,
 we put out cookies for Santa,
we read "Twas the Night Before Christmas,"
and she went to bed at 8 pm.

 Then Santa came!
He responded to her letter, explaining why she didn't get the Princess Piano Vanity thingy.
The elves had technical difficulties.
And Chris and I played Gin,
and were nestled in our beds by 10.

 She slept til 8:30 Christmas morning.
It was glorious.
I was up at 7.
Coffee made,
breakfast casserole in,
couch sitting and reading,
waiting for her.

When she did get up,
she was a happy girl.
I think 5 is the best year for Christmas.
 We got the kitties a bed.
It's a hit.
One of them is always in it.
 And she got Elizabeth.
A real hit.
Chris is so very excited to enter the American Girl world.
He is giddy.
 It was such a nice morning.
Chris went to Anthro.
I got clothes, and soaps, and accessories, and such.
He also went to NorthFace.
And I got the most comfortable pair of fleecy pants ever invented.
I love that man.
 In the afernoon, we headed over the river and through the woods to Paigey's house.
 We spent some time with our favorite peeps.

 And then we traveled home to Indiana for a bit.
This is where it gets nuts.
We visited,
a cousin got attacked by a dog and spent time in the hospital,
(He is ok, will be on long term antibiotics for infection.)
we visited some more,
we just danced 3ed,
we went to the casino,
(where I did NOT strike it rich),
and we had the Davis family Christmas.
Ellie is the only child on this side.
Can you imagine the spoiling that goes on?
It is absurd.
In the best kind of way
She collects the "Jungle/Kitty/Puppy/Horse in my Pocket" series.
She got every single one known to man.
And a beautiful jewelry box and locket from Nana,
and a Barbie car,
and a Barbie vet clinic,
and Barbie furniture,
and Barbies and clothes,
and a happy napper,
and Squinkies
and clothes,
and slippers,
and stuffed animals,
and target gift cards,
Spoiled rotten this one.
Chris and I spent most of last night opening everything and trying to find a place for it.

So now we are home.
The house is a
the fridge is empty,
and today I am going to a memorial for a friends grandparents and Chris is taking Ellie to the doctor for a probable ear infection.
And then I am more than likely going to the grocery,
and putting Christmas away until next year.

I am tired just thinking about it.

It was a good one though.
We are blessed.


C. Beth said...

Sounds awesome. :) We just got home late last night so I did grocery shopping today and still need to unpack and still need to wrap presents for our own little family Christmas.... Whew, getting home from vacation is hard work!

forever folding laundry said...

Now, before you said your house was a disaster
I was JUST thinking,
"her house is ALWAYS clean!"
I really was.

So...I'm not sure I believe this 'disaster' you claim.

And you should see mine.

Happy new year, friend!